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April 06, 2009

Montana 2009 - Just the boys and LOTS of snow!

Drove all the way to Bozeman yesterday. It was raining the last 5 hours of the trip. It was soooooo crappy we decided to stop off at Red Lodge on the way and they had about 11" of fresh snow on the hill. At the end of the day it cleared up for a bit, here's a shot of my brother in the parking lot:

We got to bozeman to discover that a gas line had broke and blew up a few weeks prior, amazingly only one person was killed:

So then I was looking forward to a nice quiet day in Bozeman to look for some new skis and get our stuff together and head down to Big Sky....well it freaking snowed overnight and I was soooooo sad I had to just go to Bridger Bowl for a few hours...They had 5" of snow overnight and another 3" today while we were there:

Well my great aunt made us a nice home cooked meal and we shoved off, headed south towards yellowstone. The roads were really really crappy but this is the one time when to some people in the world a trip through a twisty windy river canyon and then up narrow mountain roads through ice and snow....it put a smile on my face :)

...I mean AUGH GAAH! It's gonna suck! I was hoping for sunshine and beaches, and instead the bellman said they had gotten 20" of snow in the last 24 hours and that another 10" are predicted for tonight. *sigh* I guess I'll deal :)

Oh, I bought some new ski pants a few weeks before I came, totally needed them today! Here's mine:

And here's my brother's:


*sigh* well it just gets worse. I can't remember what we ended up getting sunday night, but monday was stellar. I'm ski shopping so I have been demoing a bunch of different sticks. Monday I had a set of Volkl Mantras. These skis rip on all surfaces, they're pretty much awesome in the steep and powder, and rip it up on the groomed runs (not that there was much for that :D Anyways, here's some backwoods stuff we discovered this year that has been just fucking epic! The mantras are sneaking out of the powder here, but we seriously have been hitting 10-15" of snow in some spots:

Here's my dad (he turns 60 this year!) ripping it up:


Last night we got another 4" of snow. This morning I started with a pair of Salomon Hellraisers that were absolutely crap. After 3 runs I went back into the demo shop and the skis I had originally wanted came in. Volkl Gotama's are freakin awesome powder ski. The tip is the same width as the Mantras, but the middle (under your foot) and tail are 1cm wider. The mantras were already wide, but these are um....borderline insane:

We found some untracked snow under a lift up top. These skis are so killer in steep/deep it makes me feel like the dudes on the killer ski videos. 15-20" of snow and the skis just rip through it, feels so effortless its amazing.

Dad and I up top:

Literally waist deep:

Aaaaannnnd its dumping again as I type this. Forcast is for about 10-12" tonight...



OMFG what a week. All told we saw about 4 1/2 FEET of snow fall! Every single day was just retarded fun; I tried out a ton of different skis all week through the Big Sky Sports' Demo program. I tried fatties to UBER fatties. Check out the pair I tried today, pronounced 'fatty-puss' ;):

(these things are 184 cm length, and 144/112/130 (tip, underfoot, tial, in mm)).

Ultimately I ended up going with the Volkl Mantra's in a 177cm length. With 96mm under foot, wood core, and a titanium top, they cut through everything the hill can throw at me, fly through powder, and freaking RIP on groomed runs.

(these are 177 cm length and 133/96/116)

Next to my old Rossingol Bandits (100/67/88):

I got the Mantras for a fuking STEAL because they had sold the last customer 2x right skis and they had this set of 2x left skis (graphics only, the skis are interchangeable left to right).

Misc pics:

My brother taking a break:

Perspective, from across the gully we were on:

We also went ziplining:

3x 500-600 foot lines, it was pretty fun!

Almost every day, it was like this...3-7" over night and 4-8" during the day....I have truly had the time of my life:

Lastly, I took some video:

Oh, and check out my car when I got home:

Fergus Falls got about 18" of snow while we were getting dumped on out west!

All of the pics are in my gallery:

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