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One Article Of Clothing


Sick and tired of those "regular" parties you always go to?


We can take care of that!


On Saturday, May 25 2002, the residents of the Mankey Village will ease your sorrowful woes.



Itís the end of school party.

Itís somebodyís birthday party.

Itís somebodyís graduation party.

Itís your party.


Join us at 4159 Upton Ave. N for a social gathering you may never forget.

Come around 8pm, but make sure youíre dressed appropriately.

The rules:

Rule #1: Bring anyone you want.Hell, bring everyone you know!There will be lots of beer on hand.

Rule #2: Come dressed as you like, but to get past the entryway, you must be wearing no more than ONE article of clothing.(Note: Accessories are allowed, which are classified by the amount of skin they hide compared to the rest of the outfit, or the number of appendages they encapsulate/touch.)

Rule #3:Accessories should be kept minimal, such as shoes (maybe socks), bandanas, hats, outrageous earrings, bracers, bracelets, magical amulets, etc.

Rule #4:Underwear DOES NOT classify as an accessory (as it encapsulates/touches not only your torso, but also both of your legs), but MAY be used as your one article. icon_lol.gif

Rule #5:If your one article is JUST a cape, you are allowed to use *A* sock as an accessory. icon_lol.gif

Rule #6: Did we mention thereís going to be a MASSIVE HOT TUB in our back yard?SWIM SUITS ARE OPTIONAL.

Rule #7: Remember, weíre all light-hearted, and this is a light-hearted event.If you feel uncomfortable wearing little or nothing in the midst of a bunch of people who are wearing little or nothing, donít worry!Weíll have plenty of Tequila on hand!


All we ask is that you bring $5 for all the beer you can drink!

(and maybe some random snack food)


See you there:

5.25.2002, 8pm

Mankey Village

4159 Upton Ave. N

Minneapolis, MN 55412

Call 612.522.3867 for directions, etc.

Also, feel free to post questions about this festivity here.