April 06, 2009

Montana 2009 - Just the boys and LOTS of snow!

Drove all the way to Bozeman yesterday. It was raining the last 5 hours of the trip. It was soooooo crappy we decided to stop off at Red Lodge on the way and they had about 11" of fresh snow on the hill. At the end of the day it cleared up for a bit, here's a shot of my brother in the parking lot:

We got to bozeman to discover that a gas line had broke and blew up a few weeks prior, amazingly only one person was killed:

So then I was looking forward to a nice quiet day in Bozeman to look for some new skis and get our stuff together and head down to Big Sky....well it freaking snowed overnight and I was soooooo sad I had to just go to Bridger Bowl for a few hours...They had 5" of snow overnight and another 3" today while we were there:

Well my great aunt made us a nice home cooked meal and we shoved off, headed south towards yellowstone. The roads were really really crappy but this is the one time when to some people in the world a trip through a twisty windy river canyon and then up narrow mountain roads through ice and snow....it put a smile on my face :)

...I mean AUGH GAAH! It's gonna suck! I was hoping for sunshine and beaches, and instead the bellman said they had gotten 20" of snow in the last 24 hours and that another 10" are predicted for tonight. *sigh* I guess I'll deal :)

Oh, I bought some new ski pants a few weeks before I came, totally needed them today! Here's mine:

And here's my brother's:


*sigh* well it just gets worse. I can't remember what we ended up getting sunday night, but monday was stellar. I'm ski shopping so I have been demoing a bunch of different sticks. Monday I had a set of Volkl Mantras. These skis rip on all surfaces, they're pretty much awesome in the steep and powder, and rip it up on the groomed runs (not that there was much for that :D Anyways, here's some backwoods stuff we discovered this year that has been just fucking epic! The mantras are sneaking out of the powder here, but we seriously have been hitting 10-15" of snow in some spots:

Here's my dad (he turns 60 this year!) ripping it up:


Last night we got another 4" of snow. This morning I started with a pair of Salomon Hellraisers that were absolutely crap. After 3 runs I went back into the demo shop and the skis I had originally wanted came in. Volkl Gotama's are freakin awesome powder ski. The tip is the same width as the Mantras, but the middle (under your foot) and tail are 1cm wider. The mantras were already wide, but these are um....borderline insane:

We found some untracked snow under a lift up top. These skis are so killer in steep/deep it makes me feel like the dudes on the killer ski videos. 15-20" of snow and the skis just rip through it, feels so effortless its amazing.

Dad and I up top:

Literally waist deep:

Aaaaannnnd its dumping again as I type this. Forcast is for about 10-12" tonight...



OMFG what a week. All told we saw about 4 1/2 FEET of snow fall! Every single day was just retarded fun; I tried out a ton of different skis all week through the Big Sky Sports' Demo program. I tried fatties to UBER fatties. Check out the pair I tried today, pronounced 'fatty-puss' ;):

(these things are 184 cm length, and 144/112/130 (tip, underfoot, tial, in mm)).

Ultimately I ended up going with the Volkl Mantra's in a 177cm length. With 96mm under foot, wood core, and a titanium top, they cut through everything the hill can throw at me, fly through powder, and freaking RIP on groomed runs.

(these are 177 cm length and 133/96/116)

Next to my old Rossingol Bandits (100/67/88):

I got the Mantras for a fuking STEAL because they had sold the last customer 2x right skis and they had this set of 2x left skis (graphics only, the skis are interchangeable left to right).

Misc pics:

My brother taking a break:

Perspective, from across the gully we were on:

We also went ziplining:

3x 500-600 foot lines, it was pretty fun!

Almost every day, it was like this...3-7" over night and 4-8" during the day....I have truly had the time of my life:

Lastly, I took some video:

Oh, and check out my car when I got home:

Fergus Falls got about 18" of snow while we were getting dumped on out west!

All of the pics are in my gallery:

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January 22, 2007

New Car, More Housing Projects, and Puppy Pix!

Wow, too long between updates, my bad! I guess at the top of my list of the purchase of a 2005 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution back in August. This looks very similar to Anna's 2002 Lancer ES, but has 8.5" wide tires, flared fenders, and a huge wing (which is not on the car for incognito purposes). Under the hood is a motor similar to my old Eagle Talon and my 400hp Eclipse GSX. Stock, the 4G63 motor pumps out 273hp, but I now have it tweaked just slightly and it recently dynoed at 305whp, so roughly 380hp at the crank (and more to come). The car has AWD, and with this kind of power, keeping up with a Porsche should be no problem! I always told myself I'd have a Porsche before I was 30, and while this is not a Porsche, nor is it even German, it has filled that hole in my heart for now and seats four comfortably. Oh yea, and Anna LOVES it! It takes up a lot less of my time than my GSX did, so that's a big plus!


House projects? Yea, they never stop. More recessed lighting in the living room, Anna painted the bathroom, and we're getting set to start tearing up the basement here soon! Work on our house is usually slow and painful, since it is so old. There is not much sheetrock, it is all thick layers of plaster and lathing, so it is rough on me, my tools, and Anna too, since it gets so dirty/dusty.


Anna and I went with the rest of her family down to Ft. Lauderdale again this year over Thanksgiving. We were lucky enough to get plenty of play time in. We hit up Seaworld for a few days up in Orlando, then spent the rest of the week playing in/around Abby and Rick's luxurious diggs near the Las Olas Riverfront in Sunny Ft. Lauderdale. Highlights include Rick getting me hooked on Dunkin' Donuts Coffee, and we got to go back to Waffle House! Oh, and just so you know, Seaworld is awesome as an adult. Need I say more than, "FREE BEER!!!"


Turbo had probably the best Christmas ever, we ended up staying up in Fergus Falls for the entire week between Christmas and New Year's, so he got to play with several kittens and chase me around my parent's property the entire time. By the time we got home he (and Anna and I) were *almost* relieved to get back to our daily grind and less on the full-time play mode we got in!

Tons and tons more pics in the GALLERY! Enjoy!

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May 29, 2006

Mini Kitchen Remodel

Since we bought our place we've been wanting to remodel the kitchen. It's not aweful in it's current state, but the cupboards are cheap, the counter-tops suck, and most of all, the paint color was hideous. So, Anna and I picked out some new paint for it, and in the process of removing light fixtures for painting, we decided to re-do some of the lighting while we were at it. I ended up getting dust all over the walls that Anna was trying to paint by installing six 6" recessed lighting cans, two 3" Ikea recessed spotlights, and four Ikea under-cabinet task lights. After about two weeks of evening and weekend work, the results are amazing!


More Pics

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April 09, 2006

DSM Update - Suspension, Tires, and Dyno time!

I decided to give myself an extra bonus while on vacation. Instead of installing my new Tokico suspension on my Eclipse myself, I decided to just let someone else take care of it while I was out of town. I needed the rest of the suspension components looked at at the same time, so this was a perfect opportunity to just let someone else get their hands dirty and let me reap all the benifits from it. With the bigger turbo and supporting mods, the GSX was getting a bit wobbly/squirrely under power, and with 95k miles on the clock, the original suspension was starting to get pretty mushy around corners. So, I ordered up a set of Tokico Illumina 5-way adjustable shocks and progressively wound springs (all comes as a kit), the parts to install them, and dropped them off at LSE Performance on my way to Montana. I had them check out all the wheel bearings, ball joints, and a small tranny leak while it was there.

Before & After: Front 1.75" Drop

Before & After: Rear 1.75" Drop

After telling LSE about my boost creep issues, I was also plesently surprised to find one of the new LIPP DSM o2 housings installed as well! The car drove nice and tight on setting #1 (most comfortable), and I have yet to try #5 (most firm). All of the ball joints and wheel bearings are in perfect order, but after getting a much-needed alignment, I discovered that my nice new-to-me Bridgstone Potenza RE730's had picked up several nails. Two in the front left tire, and one in the right rear which, two days later, turned into a really, really bad flat. How does this happen!?!? So, my tires are completely shredded, and now, after re-doing most of the suspension, I get to buy new tires. Great timing. I ended up picking up a set of Bridgestone's sport-compact (read: "value") line of Fuzion ZRi in 225/45-17 to fit my rims. I must say, I am VERY impressed. There are claims out there that they are lying about the sholder area of the tire, making the sizing of the tire a bit in-accurate, but I will say this: for the money, you get some *really* nice tires. These cost roughly 65% of the Potenza's I was planning on purchasing and offer about 98% of the performance.

LIPP O2 Housing and new Fuzion's

So after all this, spring is here. Everyone is excited about getting their cars off of jack stands and onto the road again while I've been driving my eclipse through the snow all winter. What can I say, I love AWD! Besides LSE Performance, Shane Z. (aka ecoli) from Elite has joined forces with a leading tuner of the local high-end mustang scene DB Performance and opened up a new shop just up the road from LSE. I have a feeling these boys will be duking it out for some time to come--both have Dyno Dynamics AWD Dyno's in-house and will be putting out some monstor rides. Anyways, I stopped in to check out DB's new shop in Rogers and after watching some ricers rev their turbo'd 1.6L civic up to 8700 rpms (and pray for the wheels not to fall off) we ended up throwing my GSX on their dyno. Shane helped me get some of the dead spots out of my tune, but it is painfully obvious that I need to get something better than my S-AFC2. My stock ECU is trying to run 29 degrees of timing at 24 psi (which is rediculous), but with a bit of 111 octane gas in the tank, the GSX put down almost 340 awhp at 24 psi. Depending on how you do the math and how this dyno compares to others, that equates to roughly 425 hp at the crank (figure 20% drivetrain loss), which is 911 turbo territory! Did I mention I drive this car every day? :)

One of my dyno graphs and a shot of the Eclipse on the dyno.

Stay tuned for more fun!

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March 17, 2006

Big Sky 2006 - 7 Days of Skiing Insanity

After missing this trip last year, I decided about six months ago that there was no way I was going to miss it this year. Boy, am I glad I did that, but DAMN I wish the first part of this vacation was more 'vacationy.' It seemed fate was against me--first, my webserver dies. Yes, my machine that will run for months and months on end decides to shut off at 4am on Saturday morning. Ironically, at this exact time I was driving through Montana, in an effort to make it to Bozeman by roughly 9am so we could ski Bridger Bowl that Saturday. This was absolutly invigorating, and the fact that I had left work at roughly 5pm just nine hours prior made my head spin.


So, Saturday and Sunday we ski Briger Bowl, and in the meantime I talk by good friend Jay into swinging over to my house to reboot my server. In the meantime, I am trying to force myself into having a good time skiing and hanging around Bozeman. We head down to Big Sky on sunday night and promptly hit the hot tub in preperation for the rigerous week ahead of us. I do a little research on Sunday evening as to what may have caused my server to crash, but find no real leads, other than the time it went down. Monday morning at 4am it goes down again, and I decide that it must be a faulty power supply.

While I'm fretting over this (and make arrangements for it to be replaced while I'm 1000 miles away) it is not snowing where I am skiing, but back home at a rate I'd expect from the a mountainous reagion. Trouble is, I live in Minnesota. Eight inches is a lot in one day, and a few days later we get five more. Sheesh! All this snow causes power issues all over Minneapolis, and as a result, the standard vacation voicemail greeting of 'don't contact me unless it is an emergency' comes back to haunt me with several mission-critical issues with some of my on-the-side networking clients.

The power supply in my machine gets replaced (solving it's stability issues), but by Wednesday morning I'm so sick of four emails and 3 voicemails from various people about this and that that I want to shoot someone. The skiing has been pretty good on Monday and Tuesday, but I feel myself skiing at only about 60-70% due to an insane grinding pain in my shins. I have lumps the size of about 1/3 of a softball on the lower front of my legs. I'm talking like make-you-want-to-cry pain. And I did. It was all too much! I couldn't stand it, all I wanted to do on this trip was ski, and everything was against me to do so.

And then it snowed. It snowed so much that it was hard to see anything anywhere. The ski report Thursday morning (which was even mislabeled 'Snow Report') reported 12 inches of fresh snow in the past 24 hours, but some areas of the mountain had recieved almost 24 inches. And I was skiing through all of it. The steepest of the steep and the crazies of the crazy runs were pure joy at this point. Each turn was like continually falling through a massive bed of pillows, over and over and over and over. I hardly saw my skis that afternoon, as they were so deep in the snow the whole time. I met up with my brother and some others at the end of the day (day 5) up in the bowl area and was absolutly delighted to see that, due to avalance conditions above it, they had closed the entire bowl area for most of the day. This means that first thing tomorrow (day 6) we get to go play there!


Well, we ended up getting first chair on the Challenger lift, where we had been skiing the other day, and made a few rounds there before heading over and around to the bowl area. Once we got in, it was more of the same big, huge, untouched, fluffy powder. I usually make a bunch of runs through the bowl when I'm out here, but day 6 was special, and while my legs were screaming at me the entire time, I made a good 10 runs through the fluffy stuff there that day, and it was sweet.

I wanted to go home after this, but since we had already paid for them, we made the push and skied on day 7 (Friday). I only could do a half day, since the snow had stopped falling, a lot of stuff was nice and groomed, so we made 10 or so 50mph+ screamers before calling it a day.

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December 02, 2005

New House

Well, shortly before I got married I decided it'd be about time to settle down and get a place to call my own. Anna and I have been renting various places forever, and thought it'd be about time to start making money instead of spending it. We looked all over north Minneapolis for a place in our pricerange, and ended up spending a little more to get a place that was not a complete dump. Quite the opposite, it was perfect! Fully finished main floor, decent basement, a full attic, central air, fenced in back yard, and oh yea, a sweet garage! Since we bought it, we have of course dumped money and energy into it, but now (well, after we finish re-doing the roof!) we're gonna kick back and enjoy it for a bit.




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July 24, 2005


Well, Anna & I tied the knot last weekend! The weather was beautiful, but hot, and the ceremony was amazing. We had a simple ceremony in my parent's back yard, near Fergus Falls, MN. Our good friend Shannon Bachelor was the officiant, and my uncle Mike Holt played guitar and sang a few select songs that were perfect for the day. We want to thank everyone that came & stuck out the heat with us, and hope these pictures offer some fond memories of the day.

pics from the rest of the day

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February 14, 2005

My New Ride!

Over the last 2 years or so I've owned a 1994 Eagle Talon. This car gave me something to do in the little amount of free time I had and always rewarded me with horsepower, but always penalized my checkbook. After spending countless hours on it, I have to sell it. Why? Because I'm sick of it? Absolutly not. In fact, I will cry whenever it drives out of my driveway for the last time....but only for a bit, because I have something parked in the other stall of my garage now that will fill its void: my shiny black 1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX. Same 4G63T motor, same AWD, more bling, and lots of potential.

It came with a 6-bolt (the tough ones!) motor out of a 1992 with about 50k miles on it (the donor car actually got totaled by a drunk driver who drove THROUGH some's garage!), an upgraded (but still stockish) 16g turbo, Toyota Supra sidemount intercooler, full exhaust, etc. I basically couldn't wait to throw down and tear into this car, so only FOUR days after I bought it, I installed a Buschur Racing FMIC kit w/ a Tial BOV and a MAF-T with a 3" GM MAS. I have a big turbo sitting in my house ready to bolt in in a few weeks, but I told myself I'd wait until I sold my new car to go nuts on the new one. Anyways, have a looksee:

My New Ride!


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December 23, 2004

I got engaged!

I've always pretty much known that Anna is the girl for me. After I moved back to Minnesota, I saw more and more and more of the girl. She moved in with me about a year ago, and just when we had convinced everyone it'd be a while before this happened, I went and popped the proverbial question. And, since everyone always wants to know how it happened, I thought I'd just go ahead and post it here.

When we first got our beagle, Turbo, it was near mother's day. I printed out a little card with a picture of a turbo on it, and took turbo outside with it. I stuck his little paw in the mud and then stuck it on the card, like he signed it. I then poked my head through the little doggie door we have in our back door, and saw anna coming into the kitchen. I stuck the card in Turbo's little, little mouth and pushed him through the door, and then said 'mommy' in a little baby voice to get Anna's attention. Of course she loved it and thought it was the cutest thing ever.

Well, about a week prior to 'D-day' I had been mentioning to Anna and various people this trick I had been teaching Turbo. When they asked what it was, I told them that he wasn't ready to show anyone yet, and he wanted to have it perfected before he performed it in front of an audience. I had spent hours and hours and hours over days and weeks researching the perfect ring for my sweetheart, and actually ended up ordering it online. The ring was to be delivered via FedEx Priority Overnight on Wednesday, the 15th of Dec. I thought I'd get the ring & hang onto it until the weekend, but on Wednesday, when I finally got the ring, my heart melted, my fears washed away, and my confidence rose about 1000% (funny how buying expensive shit can do that!). I knew I had to make it happen that night , as I could not possibly wait any longer.

Work was crazy that day, triggers getting pulled on project after project, and I was scheduling install dates all over the city for the next several weeks. I had to drive up to the North end of the city for an emergency, which was a disaster narrowly avoided (always backup your important documents! often!). Anna was actually going to pick me up from work that day, and I met her at my office when I got back from my on-site stuff. This was an extremely tense moment, although it played out perfectly. Everyone in my office knew I had a ring in my pocket, Anna was there, and it would've been very easy to assume that I did 'it' already. Well, no one said anything, and with the joy of the season upon us, everyone was cool, and Anna was none-the-wiser.

I kept my cool on the way home, and we talked about what to do for dinner, xmas presents left to buy (all of them), and whatnot. When we got home, Anna was looking through the mail, and I saw my opportunity. I wanted this to be something special, but something special that Anna would appreciate. Being on top of a mountain, or in a hot air balloon, or whatever would not do. Anna, Turbo, and I, in our kitchen. I snuck off to the guest bedroom to take out the ring one last time for a peek. It was beautiful. I cut up some twine, and wrapped up the ring's box with a little loop attatched to it, and then made my way out through the kitchen & took Turbo outside. I was so nervous and he was so anxious that the box came unwrapped and fell on the ground. It was freezing cold out, and I couldn't feel my fingers all of a sudden, but I fell to my knees in the mud and snow of the back yard and re-tied up the box and held Turbo between my legs to get him to stay still. I tied the loop to his collar, and told him to sit. Here's the clutch moment--he stayed sitting, and I told him to wait there.

I gingerly walked inside, careful not to excite the little puppy but trying to act normal, like nothing was up. I then asked Anna if she wanted to see Turbo's new trick. I told her it was a one-time-only deal, and she better turn away from the mail & check it out. Anna loves it when I teach Turbo tricks, and was super excited. She actually even thought I had tought him something legitimate, like 'high-five' or something cool. Nope, just a ring, kiddo! =) So, I called Turbo, and he came leaping through the door with the box tied to his neck, and Anna knew what it was right away. I kneeled down to greet Turbo & give him a treat for being so well behaved, and then untied the box. I was already on my knee, so I told her I loved her, she was everything to me, yadda-yadda-yadda, and she said...


I took her out to dinner that night, and every other night for the next 4 days, including sushi, spaghetti, and pizza at our favorite places. Everyone was happy & crazy with disbelief, and now we're off to Vegas! Just kidding. No date set just yet, no plans, just a meaning and a ring.

On a side note, lots and lots of new pics in the Gallery, including Ian's grad party, and a ton of misc end-of-the year pics, so go check them out!


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November 19, 2004

Random Update

It's been a while since I've posted anything, so I thought I'd post a few cute pics of my puppy. Here, Turbo is playing with an ETE52 mutt turbo, rated at 550 whp. In the first pick we can see he is checking out the condition of the compressor wheel, and the shaft play (he says it is a bit excessive).

By the way, if you'd like an AWESOME christmas present for your girlfriend, wife, boyrfiend, parents, or whatever, please visit River Bottom Beagles they have a lot of puppies 'in stock' right now!



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