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What the heck for? For fun, that's why! Since I've decided to go on this little journey, the craziness has been non-stop. Here's all I know as of the first of August:

I arrive in Edinburgh, Scotland on Friday, the third of August just a few days before the start of the Fringe Festival--one of the supposed craziest month-long parties Europe has to offer--with a backpack and a few small bags worth of stuff. I'll be staying in the Belford hostile, located about two Km (a little over a mile) from Edinburgh Castle, located in the middle of the city. I'll be staying there for about five days, in which time I'll hopefully find a job and a more permanent living situation. I did all my booking with STA Travel through the BUNAC (work in britian) program.

I will be bringing a few things in particular that I've acquired over the summer to make the trip much more exciting. The first two of which wouldn't fit in my backpack, so I asked them to pay their own fares across the Atlantic.

Nicholas Ellison
, a native of Wheeling, WV is ready to go make it big in the world. A recent graduate of the 'St. Olaf College' of hair design, he is about to change the face of the eitire European pub scene with his dashing looks, daft attitude, and whittey bantor.

Emily Stoltz
is a smoking nurse from Topika, Kansas. Also a fellow Olaf graduate, Emily and I plan on dressing in Euroshiek suits, finding well paying day jobs, and exploiting every possible method of finding the ever saught after 'free beer,' located in each of the hundreds of pubs in the Edinburgh area.

My third item of potential signifigance is something quite simple, but something I have personally never owned. A cell phone! I inherited it from a friend that recently returned from the UK. As you can see, it is ugly as sin, is not user friendly, and it is green. But most of all, it has a phone number!


So, if you'd like to call me from the US, just dial:


No problem, right? Right!

Now, if you'd like to send me some pictures, post cards, letters, cookies, etc. (all of which will be tremendously appreciated!), please send the love to:

Chris Scheidecker
c/o Incoming Programmes
BUNAC Scottish Office
Basement level,
60 High Street
(the royal mile)
Edinburgh, EH1 1TB

And lastly, but most certainly not least, I'm bringing my digital camera. Please note that this is not an actual picture of MY camera, because while it IS a really nice camera, it cannot take a picture of itself (and they call this modern technologh...yea right!). It's got lots of space and lots of battery power, and I'll be able to upload pictures, hopefully along with stories, of all our adventures to my site here, which is graciously hosted by some friends of mine.

Well, that's about it from here, if you're feeling really crazy and want to come visit, email me at scheides@yahoo.com and we'll make some plans! Now, my site is pretty small-time, so remember, if you're here reading this, you and I are like bread and butter, toast and jam, a cold beer on a hot summer day, red bull and vodka, or me and you. Take care of yourselves, I love ya, and hope to see you soon!

All the best,

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