Update Five - Update update


I've been busy. Honest!

  Well, looking back to my last update, and when it was posted, one might think that I've been swollowed whole into the night-life and fun that is being on a working-holiday (working-vacation) in Scotland. Believe it or not, I have actually been working away dillegently, indeed spending many hours in the pub, but in fact less on the piss (drinking). A lot has really happened since my last update, and while I'd like to go back and tell you all about it, I will do it some day over a cup of coffee or a pint, instead bringing you up to date in a more stream-lined, multi-media mannor.

   There are a few things, however, that the very by the very nature of these updates I cannot leave out. I've been up and around various parts of Scotland a few times now, and I'm still totally in love with it. What I'm going to do here is just show you a few pictures with some very informal commentary, and then drop you straight into update six, which will be up by the time you read this. Update six is all about a particular adventure with my former and current roommates, and I'm telling you, it is halarious.

   So, I will just show you a bunch of pictures here for now, giving ample commentary, but leaving out mundane details such as my shambled love-life and the number of stories about throwing out drunks from the pub.

Nicholas and I playing on Calton Hill.

If you want to find out more about Calton Hill, go back to my Scotland page sometime and check out update 5.5, but not now, because there's cooler things on the way!

Nicholas looking out over the city from Calton Hill. In the background you see Arthur's Seat, from the last update.

There are specific times that I really love my roommate.

This is Ian the Chef(from the Mitre, on the left) and my friend Matty. Ian is a crazy, crazy, ex-millitary guy with an enormous wealth of meaningless, trivial knowledge. What to do with it? Run a quiz show in a pub on monday nights, get free beer, and have a laugh because no one has any idea what the answers should be. Matty is one of several wonderful Germans I've met while here. With his whitty German accent and simple love of Walt Disney movies, (can you guess his favorite? I'll send you a surprise!) Matty has become a really great friend of mine, and I just love him to death!

Nicholas and I took a one-day tour of the highlands a while back. Our first stop? I nearly thought I'd wet myself, but it turns out this castle is featured in the film, Monty Python and the Holy Grail. See the snotty-french scene. Yea!

Taking a break from the bus, next to a small loch. The highlands are a beautiful place, but you'll see more of them soon enough.

Off the beaten path, but only a bit!

This is a Hairy Cow (pronounced 'Haarrry Cooo'). Their horns are said to be an amazing aphrodegiac, producing amazing affects on those who touch them. I didn't.

This tree is all that remains of a once massive tree (about 2.5 yards in diameter--wow!), and legend has it that under its branches, Pontious Pilot was concieved. As to why it's now small and kind of mangled looking, well, who knows?

Nicholas in front of one of 'the bridges,' as they are called, connecting Edinburgh traffic across the Firth of Fourth. This is the easternmost bridge (for rail), and the more spectacular of the two, in my opinion.

Me in front of the western bridge, used for automobile traffic.

Us with our Haggis tour guide and friend, Grant. Grant is a really cool guy, and is now living in Vancouver, Canada.

Now, onwards to update six!

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