How Does REI Rent Snowboards? Everything You Need to Know

Renting snowboards can be a daunting experience, especially if it’s your first time. With so many options available, it can be tough to know where to start. However, REI has made the process straightforward and easy with its snowboard rental service. In this blog post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about renting snowboards from REI.

Step 1: Choose Your Rental Package

The first step is choosing your rental package. REI offers several different packages that cater to every level of rider. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced pro, there’s a package for you. The Basic Package includes a board and boots, while the Demo Package includes the latest gear from top brands. There’s also an option for kids’ rental packages.

Step 2: Reserve Your Gear

Once you’ve chosen your rental package, it’s time to reserve your gear. You can do this online or in-store. To reserve online, simply log in to your REI account and select the location where you want to pick up your gear. You’ll then be able to choose which package you want and add any additional items such as goggles or helmets.

If you prefer to reserve in-store, head over to your nearest REI location and speak with one of the knowledgeable staff members who will guide you through the process.

Step 3: Pick Up Your Gear

When it comes time to pick up your gear, head back over to REI at the designated time that was agreed between yourself when reserving equipment from home . Make sure that you bring a valid ID as well as a credit card for deposit purposes in case anything isn’t returned on time or becomes damaged during use.

REI staff members will fit you with boots that are comfortable and support your style like no other stores do! They’ll also make sure that your equipment is properly adjusted accordingto their strict standards ensuring maximum safety and control while riding.

Step 4: Hit the slopes

With your gear properly fitted and adjusted, it’s time to hit the slopes! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced rider, there’s something for everyone. In addition to rental equipment, REI offers lessons as well where you can learn new skills and improve on existing ones.

Step 5: Return Your Gear

Lastly, when you’re finished snowboarding, return your gear at the agreed time and location/location specified by REI. If everything is in good condition without any damage or incidentals occurred during usage they’ll return your deposit right away which was used as a security deposit earlier.

In conclusion, renting snowboards from REI is easy and convenient. With several different packages available for different levels of riders, plus flexible reservation options both online or in-store with friendly staff members who are always ready to help – there really isn’t any excuse not to try out this great opportunity soon!So what are you waiting for? Head over to REI today!

Step-by-Step: How to Rent a Snowboard from REI

Interested in renting a snowboard from REI? Look no further! This guide will give you a step-by-step approach to how to rent a snowboard from REI, ensuring that your rental experience is stress-free and enjoyable.

Step 1: Determine Your Level of Snowboarding
Before you begin the rental process, it is essential to know your level of skill when it comes to snowboarding. This knowledge will determine the type of board that would best suit you. Are you an advanced snowboarder? An intermediate? Or are you just starting out on this thrilling adventure? Knowing your level will ensure that your board matches your ability, so take a moment to reflect on your experiences and abilities.

Step 2: Find Your Local REI Store
REI is known as one of the leading outdoor retailers in the United States, with many locations across numerous states. The first step for renting a snowboard is finding a nearby REI store where they offer rentals. You can check their website; it’s user-friendly and quick, plus it provides store location-based details including new product updates, store events and much more.

Step 3: Pre-Visit Rental Registration
Nowadays, everyone wants their shopping & rental experiences as smooth as possible without standing in long queues or wasting time filling out paperwork which could be done online ahead of time. Once you’ve determined what type of equipment you need based on your level and expertise level; head over to the rental page on their website directly from the homepage’s top menu section under “Rentals”. Here you’ll find links to reserve products for any upcoming trips or activities before leaving home (you can also Reserve In-store while logged into Your Account).

Step 4: Head To The Store And Can Create A Reservation At The Rental Stand Or Online With A Rental Specialist.
Once at the store head over straight towards customer support/rental stand – just identify yourself with registered credential or a valid ID, All you need to do is let them know about your pre-registration online or create one at the stand itself. Store staff will verify some essential details such as height, weight and age to get ideal measured results for optimal performance that can determine the perfect snowboard based on your ability level. The rental specialist will take care of all your queries, ensure the right fit/option, and make recommendations if needed.

Step 5: Pick Up Your Rentals
After selecting an appropriate snowboard with bindings; head over towards checkout counter with rental specialist (turnkey system) to complete transaction process ready for cash-out (payment and security deposit via Credit card). Once validated; then proceed towards storage area by following marked signs to pick up boots plus any additional necessary items suggested like extra gears for hand & eye protection etc before validating the equipment fit.

Step 6: Enjoy Your Time On The Slopes!
Now that you have everything you need, it’s time to hit the slopes! Ensure that you wear all recommended safety gear including gloves, goggles, helmets – also stay alert while riding around other skiers/snowboards–and most importantly – have fun!

In conclusion, renting a snowboard from REI is a straightforward process. With this step-by-step guide in hand, it should be an easy task even for first-timers headed off on their winter adventure. Always remember basic precautions such as wearing appropriate gear when hitting slopes means protecting yourself from unexpected injuries better safe than sorry!

REI Renting FAQs: Answers to All Your Questions About Snowboard Rentals

As the winter months draw nearer and the mountains begin to receive their first blanket of snow, many ski and snowboard enthusiasts are gearing up for another exciting season on the slopes. For those who prefer to hit the snowy terrain atop a board rather than skis, finding quality gear can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, REI offers an extensive selection of premium quality snowboard rentals to help make your next mountain adventure unforgettable. In this blog post, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions about REI’s snowboard rentals–so that you can get out there and shred without any worries!

Q: What types of snowboards do you offer for rent?
A: At REI, we understand that each rider has different preferences when it comes to their choice of snowboard. That’s why we offer a wide variety of boards for all skill levels and preferences. Whether you’re an experienced freestyle rider looking for a twin-tip board or a beginner who needs something forgiving and easy to control, we have everything from high-performance boards to beginner-friendly models.

Q: How much does it cost to rent a snowboard?
A: The cost of renting a snowboard from REI depends on several factors such as duration of rental time, type of board chosen (premium or basic), and whether or not you need additional equipment such as boots and bindings. Our staff will gladly assist you in selecting the perfect package that meets your budgetary needs.

Q: Can I reserve my rental online?
A: You sure can! We gladly offer online reservations so that you can have peace-of-mind before even heading into our store. This way, you are guaranteed availability upon arrival.

Q: Are there any age restrictions for renting?
A: Yes—we require all renters under the age of 18 to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian in order for them to sign our rental agreement form.

Q: Do I need my own boots and bindings to rent a snowboard, or can I rent those as well?
A: We highly recommend renting our boots and bindings to complement your rental snowboard. That way, you can be assured all equipment will work together for a smooth ride down the mountain.

Q: Can I switch out my rental equipment during my rental period?
A: You sure can! Simply bring your existing rentals in and we’ll take care of swapping them out with new gear according to your desires.

Q: When does the rental period begin/end?
A: At REI, our standard rental period lasts 24 hours. This means that if you pick up your rental at 9AM on Friday, it is due back by 9AM on Saturday. If you need more time- no worries! Our friendly staff will assist with organizing extended dates for you.

We hope that these FAQ’s have been helpful in answering all of your questions about REI’s snowboard rentals. Don’t let the hassle of lugging your own gear hold you back from experiencing an epic day on the slopes; visit us at any one of our locations and let us outfit you properly so that nothing stands in between you and an unforgettable powder day!

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know Before Renting a Snowboard from REI

If you’re planning to hit the slopes this winter season, then renting a snowboard is an easy and affordable way to get the gear you need without breaking your bank. But before you head over to REI, there are some important facts that all first-timers should know in order to make the most out of their rental experience.

Here’s a quick rundown of top 5 things you should keep in mind before renting a snowboard from REI:

1. Choose the right size
When it comes to snowboards, size matters! It’s important to choose a board with the right length and width based on your weight, height and skill level. A board that’s too short or narrow can cause instability and make it difficult for beginners to balance properly while riding down the slopes. On the other hand, a board that is too long and wide may be harder to maneuver when making turns.

REI offers different sizes of snowboards based on individual needs. You can use their online sizing chart or consult with their staff at the store for expert advice.

2. Pick suitable bindings
Bindings connect your boots to the snowboard and play an essential role in maintaining control, speed, and overall riding experience. It’s critical that your bindings fit well but not being too tight so that they restrict proper blood flow through your feet.

At REI stores, which offer rental packages had been adjusted according to testers’ foot sizes so are appropriate for different age ranges from kids aged three years up through adults.

3. Take care of equipment
When returning rental gear after use at The Sports Basement (cameras included), please do not wash these items as industrial cleaning methods are used by provides like them who will ensure sanitary conditions.

That said, always treat rented equipment as if it were your own by handling it mindfully and taking precautions while storing it safe & secure when not using it during breaks or overnight storage purposes — avoiding potential damages that you might have to pay for.

4. Be aware of Time limitations and restrictions
REI offers a rental package with varied time frames based on an hourly or daily usage option. There are also options to rent by the hour or as long as overnight. Checkout times depend on store hours which may close before your day is over, so be sure to check as you make your plans.

As for age restrictions, note that the kiddies’ of age 3 years minimum and does not apply their parents but there is no upper limit: those who are young at heart can go ahead and shred!

5. Research Packages beforehand
Take into consideration what accessories come standard with rentals vs ones which cost extra such as helmets, goggles or protective gears like elbow/knee pads.

By planning ahead and knowing what extras are included in each rental package, you can save money and avoid any surprises when it comes time to pay.

Overall, renting a snowboard from REI is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to try out this thrilling sport without investing in gear upfront. Just keep these top 5 tips in mind before heading out so that you can enjoy maximum success while shredding down the slopes!

The Benefits of Renting a Snowboard from REI

As the winter season approaches, all the snow enthusiasts are preparing to hit the slopes. Whether you’re a seasoned pro who has been doing this for years or it’s your first time on a snowboard, there’s no denying that having the right gear is essential for making the most of every run. But with so many options out there, it can be challenging to decide whether buying or renting a snowboard is the right choice for you.

While owning your own snowboard may seem like a good idea at first glance, it can be a significant investment. Snowboards can cost hundreds of dollars, and that’s not even taking into account other essential equipment such as boots and bindings. Additionally, purchasing gear only makes sense if you plan on hitting the slopes regularly and want to get your money’s worth.

On the other hand, renting your equipment from REI comes with several benefits that make it an attractive option for any level of snowboarder. We’ve compiled some top reasons why renting from REI might be the best choice for you.

1. Affordable Pricing: Renting from REI is more pocket-friendly than purchasing new gear. For less than $40 per day, you can rent state-of-the-art gear including helmets and goggles designed to keep you comfortable and safe during each run.

2. Wider Variety of Equipment: When renting from REI, you have access to different brands/models of boards within different price ranges which means we cater to beginners and pros alike.

3. No Storage Hassles: A substantial factor in deciding whether to purchase new equipment or rent is storage space. At-home storage consideration also affects purchasing power regardless of where one stays over winter break or vacation skiing locations because taking all those things along will come with additional travel expenses (luggage fees). By renting at REI stores located close to nearby slope resorts – return after use and avoid storage hassles altogether.

4. Always up-to-date models: At REI, we pride ourselves on providing customers with the latest equipment to ensure that they get the most out of every run. With our economy experiencing disruptions left and right in production and transportation – bad news when buying gear but good news when renting as this is one headache you don’t need to worry about.

5. Accessible Customer Care & Support: Our knowledgeable staff are always available to answer your questions and provide insight regarding operating your snowboard equipment or giving helpful tips for skiing runs!.

In Conclusion, Renting snowboards from REI has paramount benefits compared to purchasing new ones directly from OEM snowboard or other traditional retailers. Customer satisfaction, support and streamlined operations will ensure a memorable ski season experience without having to break the bank buying new gear.

Expert Tips for Making the Most Out of Your REI Snowboard Rental Experience

Getting lost in the snow-covered mountain scenery, gliding down the slopes with fresh powder under your feet is an unforgettable experience. However, making sure you have the right gear is essential to maximize your skiing experience.

REI snowboard rental is a popular option when it comes to getting the perfect skiing equipment. Providing quality gear at affordable prices, REI offers various ski and snowboarding rentals that cater to different levels of experience.

If you’re planning to hit the mountain soon and want to make the most out of your REI snowboard rental experience, here are some expert tips:

1. Book Your Rental in Advance

One major advantage of renting from REI is that you can book online before heading up to the mountains. By booking your rental ahead of time, you’ll save time queuing up at the store, and ensure that the equipment you need is available.

2. Choose Equipment That Fits You Perfectly

Make sure you get equipment that fits comfortably and properly, as poorly fitted gear can lead to injury or discomfort while skiing. Even if you rent from REI every year, take a few extra minutes for a proper fitting session with their expert staff.

3. Pick Up Your Gear Early

Getting your ski/ snowboarding gears early in the morning or even earlier than planned will give ample time for adjustments and any modifications needed to make it perform better so that by mid-day you’re ready for some serious fun on those slopes.

4. Rent Tuned Skis/Snowboards

When renting skis or snowboards from REI or other rental shops, opt for tuned equipment as they perform better on soft groomers as compared to old gears which might lack sharpness over time surely limiting one’s ability on mountains.

5. Do Not Cheapskate On The Helmet Hire

A helmet might not make someone look cool but there’s nothing more uncool than undergoing severe head injuries during skiing/snowboarding just because one did not want to hire a helmet. REI offers affordable helmet rental options that are well-fitted and comfortable enough.

6. Return Your Rental Gear In Good Condition

No-one loves paying for damage charges so ensure to do takes good care of the rented skiing gears by having regular check-ups, avoiding damaging surfaces like rocks or other obstacles and safe transport back too the rental would help save one from such costs and consequences.

7. Enjoy the Process

Lastly, Have fun! Skiing is all about enjoying the process- be sure to take in the sights, sounds, sunshine on bracing morning runs & savor its entirety with renewed enthusiasm every time!. Make each rental experience count by trying out different types of gear with guest buddies for even more fun.

By following these expert tips when renting your ski/snowboarding equipment at REI, you can have a pleasurable experience on mountains without any hitches! Plan ahead, choose properly-fitted gear, and make responsible decisions when it comes to taking care of your rentals to minimize potential risks while maximizing your fun. Happy skiing!


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