Step-by-Step Guide: How to Choose the Proper Snowboard Length for Someone Who is 5’7

As winter approaches and the first snowflakes start to fall, many of us are eager to hit the slopes and enjoy some exhilarating winter sports. One popular activity among adventure seekers is snowboarding, a thrilling sport that requires skill, balance, and a good sense of determination. However, for avid snowboarders or beginners who are looking to purchase a new board or rent one for the upcoming season, choosing the right size can be overwhelming. So if you’re 5’7 or around this height, don’t fret! We’ve got you covered with this step-by-step guide on how to choose the proper snowboard length that’s perfect for you.

Step 1: Determine Your Snowboarding Style

Before diving into the details of measuring your height against a chart, understanding your style of boarding is crucial in deciding what type and size board works best. There are mainly three types of snowboarding styles: Freestyle/ park riders, All-Mountain riders, and Freeride/Peak-to-Park riders.

If you enjoy doing tricks like spins or jumps often seen in terrain parks or half-pipes (freestyle/park style) then look into boards that are shorter in length as they will provide increased maneuverability making it easier to perform tricks.

Riders who prefer cruising down various runs (all-mountain style) can choose a medium-sized board for stability at higher speeds while also maintaining control in bumps or powder. Lastly those who love getting extreme carving experiences through backcountry riding might consider longer boards providing increased surface area which offers more speed over un-groomed terrain.

Step 2: Check Out Size Charts

Once you have determined your preferred snowboarding style think about checking out some size charts corresponding with each category at reputable retailer websites such as or known for their quality gear offering accurate sizing recommendations.

Step 3: Fitted Based on Weight

After checking out sizing charts it’s important to check your weight before purchasing a snowboard, as board length is often related to it. Weight is an essential factor when determining the appropriate board size since additional bulkiness and foot size can affect performance on the slope. For those who are 5’7 weighing anywhere from about 130-160lbs, it’s recommended to have a snowboard length ranging from 150-155cm long.

For riders that weigh less than around 130 pounds, normally narrower boards measuring under 145cm work best as they offer better flexibility and control for lighter people. On the other hand, riders over than roughly around 200 pounds should consider boards with greater surface area extending past about 165cm long.

Step 4: Type of Terrain

Lastly, in addition to height and weight factors are what kind of terrain you desire to ride on. Going back into the three style categories mentioned earlier if you lean towards freeride or peak-to-park riding options then consider getting a board slightly shorter than chart recommendations due to ease of maneuverability giving you greater control while navigating through diverse terrain.

For all-mountain style riding again stick with following the suggested sizes based on the weight chart offered by retailers; using your height merely as an indicator for which range of sizes might be more comfortable based on personal preference rather than anything mandatory. It may always help acquiring insights regarding accessory equipment for supporting smooth rides like proper boots and bindings in advance too!

In conclusion ensure you pick a snowboard that caters not just for your height but also suits your riding style, weight and type of terrain. With this guide’s assistance assessing such categories probabilities are high that come winter ’21-’22 season – amongst many other great things – you’ll be dominating slopes with the appropriate-sized board ensuring maximum excitement!

Answering Your FAQ’s about What Size Snowboard is Best for a Height of 5’7

Choosing the right snowboard can be a daunting task, especially if you are new to the sport. Knowing what size snowboard is best for your height can make a world of difference in how enjoyable and successful your experience on the slopes will be. In this article, we’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions about what size snowboard is best for someone who is 5’7″.

What Size Snowboard Should You Choose?

The ideal length of a snowboard depends on many factors like weight, riding style, and skill level. However, when it comes to height, there is a general rule of thumb that we follow in the snowboarding community.

For someone who is 5’7”, you should look for a board that ranges between 150cm to 156cm in length. The length may vary based on elements such as riding style or ability level.

If you’re an intermediate rider looking to improve carving skills, try opting for lengths between 154-156 cm.

But wait…what If I’m taller than average? Can I still use this range?

Of course! Keep in mind that these numbers serve as suggestions rather than strict guidelines. As mentioned earlier – factors such as weight and riding style will also influence your decision for selecting the perfect board length.

What Happens if Your Snowboard is Too Small?

If you opt for shorter boards over recommended lengths then chances are high that it could impede on progression rather than fostering growth in one’s abilities.

Using a smaller board will affect balance and landing jumps while increasing difficulty with dynamic turns at higher speeds; leading to discomfort or possibly injury with usage time.

Simply put – Going short might feel more manageable but impede development overall driving little long-term gain or success towards becoming an accomplished rider.

Why Does Height Matter When Selecting A Snowboard?

Riding styles vary from person-to-person so board size can impact performance overall greatly. A longer board will allow for stability and control when speeding down the slopes. On the other hand, a shorter board might be easier to maneuver and provide better control in the park when attempting technical tricks.

When it comes to selecting your snowboard size – there’s nothing more important than feeling comfortable, stable, and assured in your ride. Creative expression becomes possible through understanding available options taking into account one’s height – this ultimately will enable development towards reaching your peak performance as a rider.

In Conclusion…

While we’ve offered some helpful insight on what size snowboard is best for someone who is 5’7”, this article should serve as an introduction to considerations within the sport of snowboarding.

Ultimately, testing out different sizes while approaching realization of true preference while boarding is key. From all-mountain boards, pow slayer sticks…etc., there’s something out there waiting for you. With research, progression testing of different board styles alongside consulting with seasoned riders…your journey on becoming a legendary shredder is close reach.

Top 5 Factors to Consider When Selecting a Snowboard Length for a 5’7 Individual

As a snowboarder, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is selecting the right snowboard length. It can have a significant impact on your overall experience, and choosing the wrong size can lead to a frustrating day on the mountain. As someone who’s 5’7, there are several factors to consider when picking out the perfect board size. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top five elements that should guide your decision-making process.

1) Riding Style

Your riding style is likely going to be one of the most significant factors when determining what snowboard length you need. Do you prefer freestyle or all-mountain riding? If you’re someone who enjoys hitting jumps and rails in terrain parks or throwing down tricks while cruising down groomed runs, then you may want to opt for a shorter board length as it will be more manoeuvrable and easier to control.

On the other hand, if you’re more into carving up powder or exploring rough terrain in search of fresh lines, then you might want to consider a longer length board. A longer board will give you more stability at higher speeds and help you float over deep snow more easily.

2) Weight

Your weight also plays a significant role in selecting the right snowboard size for your body type. Generally speaking, heavier riders require longer boards because they need additional surface area for stability and balance. Conversely, lighter riders can get away with shorter boards as less surface area provides adequate control.

3) Ability Level

Your ability level also needs consideration when selecting your ideal board size. If you’re still learning how to ride, it’s best advised to start with something manageable (smaller-sized). Onboarding becomes easier working with smaller sizes as they are faster turning offering an accompanying response from any movement made by rider inexperienced on-boarders

Intermediate riders tend towards midrange lengths depending on riding preference and familiarity managing twists turns and jumps. Expert riders would have an idea of ideal snowboard length, one that fits their style and level of difficulty.

4) Terrain

The type of terrain you typically ride on will also impact the best board size to choose. If you stick to wide-open runs with few obstacles, then a longer board may be beneficial as it provides more stability at high speeds. However, if you’re someone who likes to hit jumps and maneuver through trees or tight spaces, then shorter boards fit well for manoeuvrability.

5) Boot size

Finally, your boot size can help determine the ideal snowboard length since boots should neatly compliment accurately either wider or narrower boards. While manufacturers suggest that there’s no need sizing down if unsure which width is perfect as most boards come in a variety of widths suited for riders with diverse abilities and foot sizes.

In summary, selecting the right snowboard comes down to personal preferences about your riding style; territorial choice, ability level’s understanding; foot size preference; weight distribution offer differing perspectives towards choosing suitable lengths. It is necessary to take this factor into account critically when making a purchase – appropriate snowboard length leading to better performance and allowing you to make the most out of every ride-on mountainous slopes!

Why Choosing the Correct Snowboard Size Matters for Optimal Performance at 5’7

When it comes to snowboarding, selecting the right size board is crucial for optimal performance on the mountain. While a variety of factors like skill level and riding style can impact which board you ultimately choose, your height should be one of the most important considerations in determining what size board to ride. At 5’7”, knowing how to choose the optimum snowboard size that complements your physique is essential.

Snowboard manufacturers typically provide a recommended weight range for each board length, but height is also an important factor to consider as it affects your center of gravity while riding. The correct snowboard size will allow you to effectively balance and maneuver around obstacles such as trees, rocks or other riders with ease.

When a rider uses a snowboard that’s too small in relation to their height, they may struggle with stability at higher speeds because their center of gravity is shifted forward towards their toes; conversely, if someone chooses a larger board than necessary, they’ll run into issues when trying to initiate turns or make precise movements due to the extra weight and length they have controlling whilst moving down a snow-covered mountain landscape.

Therefore understanding what size snowboard to use at 5’7″ offers considerable benefits on the slopes; once you know how choosing the proper length can affect your overall performance, and why heavier set riders require longer boards than those who weigh less despite having similar heights can assist with selecting ideal sizes.

In addition to individual considerations, terrain should also play a role when determining which board size makes sense for you. If you’re planning on shredding groomed runs all day long or embarking on long backcountry slogs across deep powder fields then additional capabilities are needed dependant on this specific style. A wider board may offer better floatation through fresh powder whereas shorter boards tend to provide agility and easier mobility through tight areas while longer lengths could offer greater stability for jumps and more secure landings due its additional surface area.

No two snowboarders are alike and each individual has their own unique preferences, body mechanics, strengths and style, thus selecting the correct size snowboard at 5’7″ will ultimately depend on personal preference as well. But knowing that there is a science behind choosing the optimum board length and the role it plays on your performance will inch you closer to creating an unforgettable ride down the slopes. Whether you’re carving up groomers, hucking off cliffs or conquering endless powder fields – with the perfect snowboard sizing for your height in hand – you can let loose knowing every twist and turn will be accomplished with ease.

Expert Tips on Matching Your Height with an Appropriate Snowboard Length if You’re 5’7

Snowboarding is an exhilarating and challenging winter sport that requires the right gear, technique, and knowledge. One critical aspect of snowboarding is matching your height with an appropriate snowboard length to ensure optimal performance, control, and comfort on the slopes. This can be especially tricky if you’re 5’7 – a height that falls in between standard snowboard lengths.

To help you out, we’ve gathered expert tips for selecting the best snowboard length based on your height, weight, riding style, and skill level.

1. Determine your riding style: Before you pick a snowboard length, consider your riding style first. Are you a beginner or advanced rider? Do you prefer cruising down the groomed runs or shredding through powder and park features? Your riding style will impact the type of board profile and flex that suits you best.

2. Know your weight: Your weight plays a significant role in determining the ideal snowboard length. Heavier riders need longer boards to distribute their weight evenly and provide stability while carving turns. On the other hand, lighter riders may benefit from shorter boards that are more maneuverable and forgiving.

3. Use size charts as a guide: Most snowboard manufacturers offer size charts that recommend specific lengths based on your height and weight range. However, these charts are not absolute rules but rather general guidelines to start with.

4. Consider stiffness/flexibility: Snowboards come in different flex ratings ranging from soft (for beginners) to medium (for intermediate riders) to stiff (for advanced-level riders). Consider how much flex you want in relation to your height/weight – stiffer boards require more force to turn but offer more power; softer boards are easier to turn but lack power.

5. Try before you buy: Ultimately, there’s no substitute for testing out different board lengths firsthand before making a purchase decision. Renting demo equipment or borrowing from friends is an excellent way to try out different board lengths, flexes, shapes, and profiles to see what feels best for your riding style and skill level.

For a 5’7 snowboarder, there are several lengths to choose from depending on the above factors. For beginner/intermediate riders who prefer cruising runs, a board around 148-152 cm would be suitable. More advanced riders who like carving turns and hitting jumps could go up to 154-158cm. If you’re into freestyle riding and park features, consider shorter boards around 145-147 cm.

In summary, matching your height with an appropriate snowboard length involves considering several factors including riding style, weight, stiffness/flexibility, size charts as well as trying before buying. By taking the time to find the right fit for your body type and skill level, you’ll enhance your enjoyment of this exciting winter sport while staying safe on the slopes!

Maximizing Fun on the Slopes: The Importance of Getting the Perfect-Sized Snowboard for a Person that’s 5 Foot, Seven Inches Tall

When it comes to experiencing the ultimate fun and excitement on the slopes, there are many factors at play. From the perfect snow conditions to choosing the right gear, everything matters if you want to have an enjoyable time. One of the most important decisions that you need to make is selecting a snowboard that suits your body type.

For an individual who is 5 foot 7 inches tall, getting the perfect-sized snowboard can make all the difference in maximizing their fun on the slopes. But why is finding a board that’s the right size so crucial?

Well, for starters, a snowboard that’s too small will not provide enough surface area for someone of this height, which can lead to difficulty in maintaining balance and control on steep and challenging terrain. On the other hand, a board that’s too large can be cumbersome and difficult to maneuver around tight turns or obstacles.

Choosing a correctly sized snowboard also ensures maximum comfort and proper alignment while riding. If a board is too short or too long, it can cause strain on the knees and ankles when carving or landing jumps.

Moreover, having a properly sized board allows you to advance your skills with ease. For instance, if you’re interested in learning new tricks like spins or rails slides, having a well-fitting board can enable you to do so more confidently.

Now let’s get into some specific measurements – generally speaking for someone taking park laps looking for versatility & stability-:

If you weigh less than 150 lb (68 kg), look for boards between 148 cm-153 cm lengths.
If you weigh between 140 lb-180 lb (63-81 kg) consider sizes ranging from 152 cm-156cm.
For anyone over 170 lbs (77 kg) though could use up something between smaller 154cm – larger say upto about 159cm .

But keep in mind these numbers aren’t set in stone. Variables such as riding style and the width of the board needs to be taken into account too while selecting your perfect match.

In summary, selecting the right-sized snowboard for an individual who is 5 foot seven inches tall plays a crucial role in maximizing enjoyment on the slopes. It facilitates better balance, control, and comfort, and allows riders to advance their skills with ease. So, if you’re looking for a truly memorable experience on the mountain, make sure to invest in a well-fitting snowboard – you won’t regret it!


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