Introduction: What Type of Snowboard Does Shaun White Ride?

Shaun White is one of the most decorated snowboarders in history. His incredible skill and talent on the slopes have earned him gold medals at both Winter X Games and the Olympics, establishing him as a world-renowned athlete. But what type of snowboard does Shaun White ride? As it turns out, he has been spotted with multiple different boards throughout his career so far.

When Shaun burst on to the professional riding scene, he was riding a Burton board model called the “Custom”. This board featured twin shape design which allowed him to execute precise and powerful tricks while still allowing for stability when landing jumps or flipping through the air. This board would propel him into becoming one of the biggest superstars in action sports and helped build an image that much more could be done than just carving turns down a mountain side.

With his worldwide popularity beginning to rise, Shaun turned to another famous name in snowboards – The Oakley snwoboard Company. This company would provide Shaun with their signature high-end boards that matched his style perfectly. Two of their most notable models were the “Cyborg” and “Superspark”, both featuring top quality technology such as fast base material for extra speed and 2×4 inserts for maximum strength for any trick you could throw at them. Both these boards could take a lot of punishment from Shaun’s aggressive riding style yet still remain durable enough to keep adding up medals to his trophy case at an alarming rate!

But it wasn’t until recently that arguably one of the best choice of boards was chosen by Shaun himself – A burton Deep Thinker Fishcuit snowboard!This all-new Freestyle Fish hybrid had everything he was looking for; Increased pop off lips and smooth transitions thanks to massive camber underfoot plus medium flex with bite zones out towards each end meaning no matter what terrain this guy decides to take on, he’ll stay shredding like never before!

So there you have it – The answer any snowboarding fan has been asking… What type of snowboard does Shaun White ride? His trusty Burton Deep Thinker Fishcuit Snowboard is certainly up there amongst some legendary equipment from companies such as Oakley but, like any true pro knows, its all about finding the perfect fit for you!

Steps for Finding Out What Snowboard Shaun White Rides

Finding out what snowboard Shaun White rides is a great way to get an insight into the best of the best. After all, he’s one of the most decorated and decorated Olympians in history, so it stands to reason that he only chooses the best equipment possible for his sport. Here are five steps for finding out what snowboard Shaun White rides:

1. Search online: The internet provides a wealth of resources when it comes to searching for information on any subject, including what snowboard Shaun White rides. Do a simple search engine query and you’ll likely find several websites dedicated to his sport which will list what boards Shaun prefers. You may also want to check out official websites from companies who make snowboards and sponsorships with professional athletes.

2. Follow him on social media: Chances are that Shaun has a presence across multiple social media platforms, such as Instagram and Twitter. Follow him and pay attention to his posts for clues about what board he’s riding or where he might be taking it for some practice runs.

3. Attend competitions: Whenever Shawn enters into competition, there will definitely be fans and professional coverage present too – which means opportunities for getting photographs of him on his board of choice cropping up on various platforms afterwards, helping you figure out exactly which one it is he uses!

4. Lookit up interviews/articles: Check out interviews or articles featuring him discussing his equipment choices – your favorite pro-athlete magazine may have featured something on this topic lately! Don’t hesitate to ask questions if you spot them at an event! Who knows – maybe they’ll tell you alllll about their setup!

5 Cross reference brands: Many brands sponsor athletes like Shawn White in exchange for publicity or product placements deals alike; Given how often Shawn competes internationally its not hard to believe many sponsorship deals exist – but do your research first just incase any deals don’t appear publicly!

By approaching this quest using these five steps you should easily discover what board Shaun White favors among others within snowboarding frontiers . So take action today and find yourself one step closer towards meaningful success within your own specialized abilities with the help from one soon to become legends knowledge !

Frequently Asked Questions About Shaun Whites Snowboarding Choices

Q: What type of snowboard does Shaun White use?

A: High-performance professional athlete Shaun White rides a Burton Custom Snowboard, a team favorite selected by the two-time Olympic gold medalist himself. The Custom features Burton’s classic combination of camber between the feet and positive tip and tail rocker, enabling maneuverability and quick response turns when riding. The board’s Super Fly II™ core is designed for stable flights over everything from jibs to park jumps to backcountry kickers. With tough sintered WFO base material, this top-of-the-line piece of equipment is guaranteed to handle even World Cup level conditions. With such advanced technology available at Shaun’s disposal, it’s no wonder why he continues the use the Custom year after year!

Q: What other sports does Shaun White participate in?

A: Aside from his incredible winter sport performances that have made him legendary in snowboarding circles, Shaun White has also taken his talents in a variety of directions over the years ranging between skateboarding and surfing as well. Among competitions within these realms, he has achieved first place finishes in Gravity Games Street/Vert skateboarding back in 2000 as well as landing on stage with rock band The Movements while they performed “Kamikaze Train” during Lollapalooza 2006! When away from competitive scenarios, one can catch Mr. White ripping up waves at various beaches along California’s coastline or simply cruising around on his favourite board during summer months – often without need for events or sponsorships; demonstrating yet another way with which the 34-year old living legend continues to endure his passion amongst these outlets of extreme sports worldwide.

Top 5 Superstar Facts About Shaun White and His Snowboarding Habits

1. Shaun White is perhaps the most recognizable snowboarder in the world. With a record-setting 14 Winter X-Games Gold Medals and more than 50 career wins worldwide, he has cemented himself as one of the all-time greats of snowboarding history.

2. He is not only a decorated competitive snowboarder, but he is also well known for his daring trick list, taking on stunts with extreme risk and often resulting in injury, yet always ending with a successful landing – thus referring to him as “The Daredevil” by his fans and admirers alike.

3. One thing that sets Shaun White apart from other competitors is this fervor to continually push boundaries in terms of the ease of mastering tricks that no other athlete had managed to do before. From Double Corks to Quadruple Corks, time after time Shaun pushed the boundaries and created tricks never achieved by others previously—all while doing it looking incredibly stylish at times!

4. With dedication to perfecting his skill set beyond any measure, Shaun embraced developing new skills for competitions and pushing towards innovation thereby setting the example for younger riders who wanted to take their riding to an additional level early on when they considered themselves ready!

5. With that being said, Shaun will forever be remembered in snowboarding circles as one of its greatest cards due to all his above mentioned achievements -whether that be through legendary video parts or magical medals performances at various events and trails, there will be no forgetting just how good Shaun has been over his career!

Different Types of Snowboards and How They Differ from Each Other

Snowboards are one of the most popular winter sports in the world and come in many different shapes and sizes. Each type of snowboard is designed for a specific purpose, so selecting the right board for your skill level and style can make all the difference between having an enjoyable experience on the slopes and completely wiping out! Let’s take a look at the different types of snowboards, how they differ from each other, and provide helpful tips to choose the best one.

Freestyle Snowboards

These boards are typically shorter than traditional alpine boards and have symmetrical shape with upturned nose and tail. This makes them perfect for park riding as well as other tricks like jibbing that involves sliding parallel to rails or boxes. Freeride snowboards are slightly bigger than freestyle boards which makes them more stable when carrying out aerial maneuvers. Freestyle boards usually feature shallow side cuts which allow for quick turns but don’t provide much edge hold on icy surfaces.

Alpine/All-Mountain Snowboards

Alpine or All-Mountain snowboards are most commonly found on slopes across ski resorts in North America, Europe, Japan etc. These boards typically feature tapered directional shapes with extra length in front to aid stability while carving down slopes. The side cut varies depending upon riding style but generally it tends to be deep enough to provide effective edge hold when turning at speeds of up to 50 km/h! Because these boards offer great versatility they tend to suit all terrain styles including groomers, powder runs, trees and anything else you can find on a mountain slope!


Splitboarding has grown exponentially over recent years and Splitboards offer a great solution for those looking for back country adventures without having to carry large amounts of gear around with them. Splitboard designs feature two halves that can be connected together by clips or straps; this allows riders to attach their bindings then split apartthe board ready for touring using an ascender strap connected at either end – ready for when it’s time set off down hill again! Like regular snowboards these come in both freeride or all mountain modelsdepending on your preferred size & shape requirements, however these specially designed split decks often lack graphics which helps save weight as you haul up your kit through tight trees & steep hillsides!

Freesurf (Surf-Style) Snowboards

These cool new shaped designs combine characteristics from surf-style shortboard skate design while taking advantage of deeper sidecuts synonymous with conventional alpine designs – keeping riders ‘locked-in’ securelyon ice slopes while still allowing them large amount maneuverability while attacking terrain parks & jumps too! They normally comein directional shapes featuring a deeply carved camber profile idealfor trickier carves & presses enabling riders tackle anything thrown their way fearlessly!

Conclusion: Why the Best Answer Might Be Relevant to You

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