Step-by-Step Guide: How to Ship Your Snowboard Cheaply

As a passionate snowboarder, you know how important it is to have your beloved board with you at all times. Whether you’re planning an epic vacation in the snowy mountains or simply need to transport your board for storage, shipping your snowboard may seem like a daunting task. But fret not! With these step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to ship your snowboard safely and cheaply.

Step 1: Choose Your Shipping Method

The first step is deciding which shipping method to use. There are several options available like UPS, FedEx, USPS or even private companies such as Ship Skis or Luggage Forward. Before choosing one, do some research on their rates and customer reviews. Look for discounts or promotions that these companies may offer during peak seasons.

Step 2: Prepare Your Snowboard

This is where things get a bit tricky. You need to make sure that your snowboard is properly packed before shipping it out. Here’s what you need:

– A good-quality cardboard box
– Bubble wrap
– Some tape (preferably duct tape)

First remove the bindings from the snowboard and wrap them in bubble wrap separately as they can cause damage during transit. Then secure them using tape so they don’t move around too much inside the box.

Next, wrap your snowboard in bubble wrap carefully so that there are no uncovered areas that could potentially get damaged while in transit.

Once done, place it in the cardboard box you have chosen and fill any empty spaces with more bubble wrap or packing peanuts so that the contents of the box do not move around.

Seal the box completely with duct tape so that it remains intact until its final destination.

Bonus tip: Consider adding a “fragile” sticker on top of the package to prevent any mistreatment while being handled by airport personnel.

Step 3: Label And Send It Out

Now comes labeling time! Once everything is securely packed up, label it properly with the recipient’s address and your return address.

You can choose to book a pick-up service by the shipping company or drop it off at their nearest facility.

Make sure to keep a copy of the tracking number for future reference.

Step 4: Verify Insurance

In case something unforeseen takes place during transit, consider taking insurance for your package. This way you have better protection against any damage or loss of items while in transit.

Before settling on an insurance policy, make sure to confirm the coverage amount and read the terms and conditions thoroughly.

And voila! These are your essential steps for shipping your snowboard cheaply. You can now relax knowing that your snowboard will reach its destination safely without worrying about any surprises along the way. Happy shredding!

FAQs: Answering the Most Common Questions About Shipping Snowboards Affordably

Winter has arrived, bringing with it the promise of powdery snow and thrilling days spent on the slopes. However, for many snowboarders, there is one nagging concern that can put a damper on their winter adventures: shipping their boards.

Whether you are planning a trip to a new resort or sending your board in for repairs, figuring out how to ship your snowboard safely and affordably can be a hassle. In this post, we will answer some of the most common questions about shipping snowboards, helping you avoid common mistakes and get your gear where it needs to go.

1. Is it better to ship my snowboard or bring it with me?

This depends on a variety of factors, including your destination, mode of transportation, and personal preferences. If you are traveling by car or can easily check your board as luggage on a plane, it is usually more convenient to bring it with you. However, if you are flying to an international destination or have limited space in your vehicle, shipping may be the best option.

2. How do I pack my snowboard for shipping?

Packing your snowboard for shipping is crucial to ensure that it arrives at its destination undamaged. First, remove any bindings from the board and wrap them separately in bubble wrap or foam padding. Then use cardboard edges cut specifically for this purpose (these come included when purchasing our prepaid bags) and secure them around each end of the board before wrapping everything securely in bubble wrap Once wrapped up we suggest you place it inside our padded prepaid bag ready for shipment.

3. Can I ship my board internationally?

Yes! International shipments require special attention since every country has different customs regulations so researching which documents such as Proforma invoices need is important in order avoid unnecessary delays/fees .

4. How much does it cost to ship a snowboard?

The cost of shipping will depend on several factors such as size of the parcel, the origin & destination country, as well as shipping speed. It’s important to compare rates from different shipping providers in order to ensure you get the best deal possible for your specific needs.

By using our prepaid bag service we can assure a perfectly sized solution that includes everything needed.

5. How long will it take to ship my snowboard?

This also depends on several factors such as origin & destination , shipping service provider and more. If you are sending your board domestically it typically takes 2-4 business days for standard ground shipping or priority options of 1-3 days with all popular carriers in Australia.

6. What if my snowboard gets damaged during shipping?

In case of damage during shipment photos must be taken immediately and claims filed within specific time periods provided by carrier resulting in a compensation claim based upon the value stated when submitting commercially invoices etc..


Shipping your snowboard doesn’t have to be a headache! By following these tips and doing your research, you can ensure that your gear arrives at its destination safe and sound. Remembering little details like ensuring edges are protected properly, taking photos in case of loss or damage amongst other things can make all the difference between a smooth trip and a rocky one so it really is worth spending some extra time into researching and correctly packaging up what needs to go on this adventure with you so that it reaches safely despite any journey thrown its way.

Top 5 Facts You Need to Know About Shipping Snowboards on a Budget

Are you an avid snowboarder that’s constantly on the move? Do you find yourself frequently traveling to different destinations to chase the best snow? If so, then shipping your snowboard is undoubtedly a crucial task that requires careful consideration. However, shipping snowboards can be costly with an average cost of – 0 per package. But what if we told you that there are simple tricks and tips to ship your board without breaking the bank? Here are the top 5 facts you need to know about shipping snowboards on a budget.

1. Use alternative transportation options

Traditionally, using popular courier services such as FedEx or UPS may appear as your only option for shipping your beloved snowboard. However, opting for alternative transportation companies like Greyhound or Amtrak Express Shipping Services can save you money as they offer more affordable rates.

2. Utilize online marketplaces

Another viable option worth considering is using online marketplaces such as eBay, Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace to find individuals who will travel close-to-your-destination to deliver your board for a fee much lower than established courier companies.

3. Plan Ahead

Shipping during peak season can add up the expenses quickly since these times increase demand and competition among couriers resulting in higher prices. Thus it is pivotal always to plan ahead of time and avoid sending during peak season where possible.

4. Consider consolidating with friends

If multiple persons in your sports team are travelling together, consider sharing one package with all your boards altogether rather than shipping individual ones separately – this will cut down your combined costs significantly.

5. Invest in quality packing materials

Finally, investing in sturdy packing materials ensures minimal damage occurs during transit, avoiding any added cost for repairs which would further add on top of already high prices from traditional couriers.

In conclusion, there you have it: The top 5 facts on how to ensure efficient and cost-effective ways of shipping snowboards around various destinations. With careful research and planning, it is entirely possible to save money on this task while ensuring that your board arrives in perfect condition allowing you to continue enjoying the sport you love. So, take a deep breath and get started now- adventure awaits!

DIY Packing Tips: Cost-Effective Ways to Prepare Your Snowboard for Shipping

As snowboarding enthusiasts, we invest a lot of time and money in getting the perfect gear for our favorite winter sport. We spend hours researching the perfect snowboard, bindings, boots and other accessories. And when it comes time to travel to new destinations with our beloved board, we want to ensure that it arrives in one piece.

Shipping a snowboard can be expensive, especially if you rely on professional packaging services. However, with a little bit of creativity and some DIY know-how, you can pack your board yourself without breaking the bank.

Here are some cost-effective packing tips that will ensure your snowboard arrives safely at its destination:

1. Wrap it up
Wrap your board in bubble wrap or foam padding. This will protect the edges from getting dinged up during transport.

2. Reinforce the nose and tail
Fold cardboard over both ends of the snowboard and secure it with tape – this will provide added protection to the nose and tail.

3. Protect those bindings
The bindings are usually the most vulnerable part of any snowboard during transit. So remove them from your board and wrap them separately using packing paper or old newspaper.

4. Get creative with boxes
Instead of buying an expensive custom box designed specifically for snowboards – making use of two smaller boxes could be a cost-effective solution! Place one half of your snowboard into one box (securing it well) then place the other half into another box (again ensuring it’s secured well). Then bundle both boxes together tightly with duct tape – voila!

5. Don’t forget about accessories
If you’re shipping boots or other small accessories along with your board, remember to pack them securely inside large ziplock bags before including them within additional padding layers around both halves of our separated boxed pairs.

6. Label with care!
Label all sides of your package clearly by drawing attention to any delicate contents as well as adding ‘Fragile’ labels to the outer wrapping. As an additional precaution, consider purchasing shipping insurance to ensure that your snowboard is protected in case of any damage!

By taking these simple steps, you can save money on packaging and still have peace of mind knowing that your board will arrive at its destination without bearing any fatal marks. Happy shredding!

Comparing Carriers: Which Shipping Companies Offer the Best Deals for Snowboarding Equipment?

For snowboard enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than hitting the slopes during the winter season. But before you can hit the icy terrain, you’ll need to ensure that your snowboarding equipment makes it safely to your destination. This means choosing a reliable shipping carrier that offers reasonable prices and dependable services.

There are several shipping carriers available in today’s market, but not all of them are created equal when it comes to transporting large or bulky items such as snowboards, boots, bindings and other gear. So let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular shipping companies out there to determine which ones offer the best deals for your snowboarding needs.


UPS is one of the largest and most well-known carriers on this list, offering both ground and air services for sending your packages across the country or around the world. If you’re looking for affordable rates, their Ground service may be an ideal option for you – especially if you’re not in a rush to get your equipment to its destination.

For those who need expedited shipping options (2-Day or Next Day), UPS offers competitive pricing in comparison to other carriers. Additionally, they have many drop-off locations around the country which is ideal for customers looking for convenient pick-up after hours or on weekends.


Another well-established shipping company is FedEx with excellent delivery time frames that cater to both domestic and international shipments alike. Their ability to deliver packages speedily makes them a popular choice among individuals who want fast delivery times and exceptional service without breaking his or her bank account.

Additionally, FedEx also provides various package sizes making it easier for customers with larger snowboarding equipment such as boards of differing sizes ,multiple pairs of boots/binding combinations and other specialized accessories without having any limitations on carry size at all!


If affordability is essential when sending through packages containing snowboarding items via mail; The United States Postal Service should be considered first because they often offer the best value for packages within the US or internationally.

Although USPS isn’t typically praised for its speed, it is an excellent option for those seeking to send their snowboarding gear on a budget. If you’re not in a hurry, USPS offers a range of affordable services that can help you save some cash on shipping costs.

Final Thoughts

There are no one-size-fits-all answers when it comes to selecting the right carrier, but there are certainly several options available. In general, each company has its advantages and downsides, based on factors such as pricing, delivery speed and customer service.

Ultimately it’s important to look at numerous carriers before deciding which suits your requirements best: one offering reliable service with quality customer assistance which bundles in affordability– incorporating these elements will make sure that your snowboarding equipment arrives safely while staying relatively stress-free regarding the expense.

Conclusion: Mastering the Art of Affordable Snowboard Shipping

As winter approaches, snowboarding enthusiasts everywhere are gearing up for their favorite season. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner just starting out, one thing that’s essential is having the right gear. And, of course, getting that gear to your location so you can hit the slopes.

Unfortunately, shipping snowboards can be expensive – often more costly than the board itself! But fear not; with a little bit of effort and some savvy tricks, it’s possible to master the art of affordable snowboard shipping.

First and foremost, do your research. Prices can vary widely from carrier to carrier and depending on destination. Take the time to compare rates across multiple couriers and consider utilizing services like Shiply which allow you to receive custom quotes from different transport companies.

It may also be worth considering slower shipping options such as ground delivery instead of opting for expensive overnight or expedited services. Depending on how far away you are sending your gear, it might not make much of a difference in timing but could save you plenty in costs.

When packing your board for shipment, there are a few things to keep in mind. Bubble wrap or foam padding will go a long way in protecting your precious cargo from damage during transit. Additionally, due to its size and shape (as well as its potential delicate nature), we recommend using hard-sided cases specifically designed for transporting snowboards – they’ll provide an extra layer of protection while keeping everything inside secure.

Finally; unless you’re sending multiple items at once such as boots and bindings along with the board- always try fitting everything under one package (no matter how impressive your spread-eagle pose looks). Most carriers charge based on dimensions and/or weight so fewer packages will typically mean cheaper prices overall.

With these tips in mind, mastering affordable snowboard shipping is possible – allowing everyone access to their beloved sport throughout any season without breaking the bank!


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