Step by Step Guide: How to Buy a Snowboard Jacket that Fits Perfectly

Are you planning your first skiing trip and wondering what to wear? Well, you’ve come to the right place! A snowboard jacket is an essential piece of gear that can make or break your comfort level on the slopes. But with so many options available in the market, finding the perfect fit can be overwhelming, to say the least. Fret not because we’ve got you covered! Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to buy a snowboard jacket that fits perfectly.

Step 1: Determine Your Body Measurements

The first step in buying a snowboard jacket is taking accurate measurements of your body. You’ll need several measurements – including chest, waist, and hip – to ensure that you end up with a jacket that fits well. Get someone’s help to measure each area accurately using a tape measure; record each measurement on paper for future reference.

Step 2: Decide Your Preferred Style

Once you’ve determined your body measurements, it’s time to decide which type of snowboard jacket style suits your needs best. Will you be skiing in extreme weather conditions where heavy insulation will keep you warmest? Or do you prefer sleek styles that accentuate your figure? Once this decision has been made, it will easier as there are different types of jackets suited for different kinds of weather and preferences.

Step 3: Research Brands and Reviews

Before making any big purchase nowadays, it’s important to do some research into brands and reviews online. Check out websites like Amazon or REI (recreational equipment inc) because they have user-generated reviews from people who have purchased these products previously which can aid in making informed decisions whilst purchasing.

Step 4: Invest In Good Quality Material

Good-quality material ensures durability throughout winters seasons after winter season whilst keeping yourself dry amidst heavy storms at little extra cost than purchasing cheap quality materials originally not created for extreme cold temperatures.Fabrics such as Gore-Tex® are used by high-end brands that provide insulation whilst being waterproof and windproof. Therefore investing in quality material keeps yourself warm, dry, and safe.

Step 5: Inspect Features of the Snowboard Jacket

Once you’ve got your measurements and style preference sorted out, inspecting the details is important when choosing a snowboard jacket. These features include but are not limited to pockets for storing ski passes or phones, underarm ventilation for temperature control throughout skiing sessions, ample hoodies for warmth amidst extreme cold conditions, adjustable cuffs to ensure snug fitting throughout and other bells and whistles of the sort.

Step 6: Try Them On

Last but certainly not least, try on your top selections! This can be crucial as visualizing a product online does not count as trying it out physically hence trying different models whilst taking into account their features along with holding true quality materials priorly researched will give you an accurate insight as to which one is best suited for you

In conclusion, by following this step-by-step guide on how to buy a snowboard jacket that fits perfectly which includes measurements determination along with styled preferences research followed by assessing quality materials and inspecting its complimentary features plus trying them all on will help you choose a well-fitted ski jacket tailored specifically for both comfortability meeting fashion sense standards so hitting those slopes are just right round the corner – now go have fun!

FAQ: Answering All Your Questions about Choosing the Right Snowboard Jacket

Are you planning on hitting the slopes soon but don’t have the right snowboarding jacket? Choosing the right snowboard jacket can be tricky, especially if you’re new to the sport. With so many options available today, it can be hard to determine which one is best suited for you. With that in mind, we’ve put together a helpful FAQ guide to answer all your questions and help you choose the right snowboard jacket.

Q: What are some important features I should look for in a snowboard jacket?
A: When choosing a good quality snowboarding jacket, there are several features that you should keep an eye out for. These include waterproofing abilities, breathability (so you don’t get overheated), insulation (to keep you warm), and durability (since they’ll likely see a lot of use). Also consider whether it has powder skirts to keep trees well blocked out and extra storage capacity for your small essentials on the slopes!

Q: Is it better to buy a cheaper snowboarding jacket or invest in something pricier?
A: As with most coats and jackets, spending more money will often guarantee better quality fabrics and insulation technology that will last longer, perform better overall in regards of water proofing/durability/ etc., but if this is your first time on the mountain or only go once every few years then maybe sticking towards an affordable option wouldn’t hurt at all.

Q: How does layering affect my selection of a snowboarding jacket?
A: Layering involves building up layers under your outerwear gear that provide different benefits such as temperature regulation, moisture-wicking properties or even ultra insular protection against wind chill. When factoring these pieces into your outfit be sure to plan so when removing any piece doesn’t dramatically effect your thermal protection/dryness.

Q: How do I know what size of jacket fits me best?
A: It’s always easier getting clothes that fit when you’re physically present to try them on or have accurate body measurements in advance. Many brands offer sizing charts online, but be warned some brands will have jackets that fit larger than what most would consider their Size Large to be.

Q: Are there any environmentally conscious options available when it comes to snowboarding jackets?
A: There are definitely eco-friendly and ethical consumer-conscious options available today for those looking for responsible alternatives. These companies tend to choose materials like recycled polyester or even hemp fabric which helps minimize the negative carbon footprint of garment production processes while still providing effectual protection against the elements.

In conclusion, purchasing a good quality snowboarding jacket is vital to your safety and warmth on the slopes. Keep in mind all these talking points and factor by your opinions specifically when researching different retailers and products so you can make a decision which will provide a great experience during your outdoor winter adventures.

Top 5 Must-Know Facts When Buying a Snowboard Jacket

Are you gearing up to hit the slopes this winter season? Then it’s crucial to have the right gear – and that includes a top quality snowboard jacket. But buying a new jacket isn’t just about style and fashion – there are several important features that you’ll need to consider before making a purchase. Here are our top 5 must-know facts when buying a snowboard jacket:

1) Waterproofing
First things first: you need to make sure your jacket is completely waterproof. Look for jackets with high-quality waterproof membrane technology, such as Gore-Tex or eVent, which will keep you dry even in the wettest conditions.

2) Breathability
While keeping water out of your jacket is important, equally important is letting moisture out. Snowboarding can be sweaty work, and if your jacket traps in too much moisture, you’ll end up getting damp from sweat anyway. Make sure to look for jackets with breathable fabrics that allow air to circulate through the material and prevent overheating.

3) Insulation
Being warm on the mountain is key, especially during those early morning runs when it’s still chilly outside. Some people prefer thicker insulation while others prefer less bulky options like fleece lining or lightweight down fill; whichever type fits your preference, make sure your chosen jacket has enough insulation that will match your preferred level of warmth.

4) Pockets
It might not seem like the most important aspect at first glance, but having ample pockets in your snowboard jacket can save time by keeping often-used items close at hand (such as lift tickets). It also allows for better organization of essential items such as goggles or cameras so they don’t get lost despite all of winter sports’ exciting movements.

5) Movement
The best thing about shredding through snowy slopes? Feeling free! Ensure that movement won’t be restricted by choosing a snowboarding coat designed specifically for its intended use. In addition to being stylish in nature, a snowboard jacket offers enough flexibility and freedom of movement to help you make those epic moves down the mountain.

Buying a snowboard jacket is a lot more than just picking out the right style. Make sure to keep these top five must-know facts in mind so that your investment lasts for years to come. Happy shredding!

Insulation, Waterproofing & Breathability: Understanding Technical Features for Better Decision Making

Insulation, waterproofing, and breathability are features that play a critical role in the performance of outdoor clothing and gear. Understanding how these technical features work can help you make better-informed decisions when choosing clothing and equipment for your outdoor activities.


Insulation is the ability of a material to trap heat within its fibers. In simple terms, insulation helps to keep you warm. Insulated garments are ideal for cold weather activities such as snowboarding, skiing or hiking in winter conditions. The amount of insulation you need depends on factors like the activity you plan to do and the weather conditions.

However, not all insulation materials are created equal. Traditional down insulation is lightweight, compressible and incredibly warm but is also quite expensive and loses its insulating properties when wet. Synthetic insulation is less expensive than down while still being warm when wet, but additional layers may be required to achieve the same level of warmth as with down.


Waterproofing refers to materials that prevent water from penetrating through fabric pores. This feature keeps you dry by preventing rain or snow from soaking into your clothes or gear. Waterproofing can be achieved through various design elements such as sealed seams, waterproof zippers or laminated membranes inserted into the fabric.

The level of waterproofness differs among fabrics and garments. Most companies use a rating system; however it’s important to know that this doesn’t always mean they’re fully waterproof no matter what their rating says! These ratings refer mostly to how much moisture protection a garment has before it begins to let water seep through (i.e., they’ll have different requirements depending on what type of usage they’re intended). It’s also important to consider breathability when choosing waterproof gear: High-end shells may offer full waterproof coverage but can lack breathability leading build up in sweat inside which makes things uncomfortable quite quickly.


Breathable materials don’t create heat; instead, they help to maintain your body temperature by releasing excess moisture generated from sweating. The body generates a lot of heat when active, leading to sweating, so breathable fabrics are necessary in high-performance garments. Breathable materials use microscopic pores or openings that allow for air and water vapor exchange which helps sweat escape, keeping you comfortable and drier.

Similar to Waterproofing; manufacturers often describe the ‘breathability’ level of a garment as numbers such as grams per square meter circulated in 24 hours. It is important not to rely solely on the manufacturer’s specifications but look into how it behaves under different activity levels because some jackets might excel while doing low intensity work which might be different from its performance during high-intensity activities

Understanding these technical features can help make more informed buying decisions when picking outdoor gear. While many brands have their flair, knowing the ins-and-outs of each technical feature will guide your purchase according according to your specific needs rather than what may seem flashy or stylish at first sight!

Stylish and Functional: Finding the Best of Both Worlds in Your Snowboard Jacket Purchase

As winter approaches, it’s time to start thinking about your snowboarding gear. One of the most important pieces of equipment you’ll need is a snowboard jacket. When looking for the perfect jacket, there are two key factors that you should keep in mind: style and functionality.

Style may seem like a superficial concern, but it’s actually quite important. After all, you want to look good while hitting the slopes! Fortunately, many snowboard jacket brands offer plenty of stylish options that are sure to turn heads on the mountain.

However, functionality is equally—if not more—important than style. A great snowboard jacket will keep you warm and dry in even the harshest conditions. It should be breathable, wind-resistant, and waterproof. Look for jackets with insulated linings or ones that allow layering so you can adjust to changing weather conditions throughout the day.

Additionally, make sure your jacket has all of the necessary features for ease-of-use when shredding down the slopes: zippers and pockets designed to ensure that valuables stay secure as well as durable fabric textures that allow for a solid grip on your board without hindering mobility.

Overall, finding a balance between fashion-forwardness and practicality can feel daunting at times; however do not fret! With careful consideration towards features such as breathability, insulation comfort-class level (such as lightweight/thick lining), it’s entirely possible to find an ideal piece meeting expectations from both worlds…or rather slopes.

In addition to personalized enrichment there’s yet another reason this purchase should weigh heavy on one’s mind; investing in true quality material essence greatly reduces environmental impacts done by fast-paced short lived consumerism – motto stands strong – “quality over quantity”.

In conclusion whichever avenue taken – well-crafted functional workhorse or trendy style icon- may ultimately come down to preference.. but with right research considerations towards type pf lifestyle/where and how often used = there is no doubt the perfect jacket is out there waiting to take on those icy slopes with you.

The Ultimate Checklist for Ensuring You Make the Right Purchase When Buying a Snowboard Jacket

When it comes to snowboarding, having the right gear can make or break your experience on the mountain. And one of the most important pieces of equipment you will need is a quality snowboard jacket. Not only does it keep you warm and dry, but it also plays a crucial role in protecting you from the elements and ensuring that you have a safe and comfortable ride.

But with so many different options available on the market, deciding on the right snowboard jacket can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve compiled an ultimate checklist that will help you make an informed decision when purchasing this essential piece of gear.

1. Waterproofness:

The first thing to consider when buying a snowboard jacket is its waterproofness. Look for jackets that are made with materials like Gore-Tex or other high-quality waterproof fabrics to ensure that they will keep you dry even in heavy snow or rain.

2. Breathability:

Another important feature is breathability; this will allow sweat to escape while keeping out unwanted moisture such as slush and sleet from entering your clothing. Ensure your snowboard jacket has ventilation properties such as underarm zippers which aid in regulating body temperature by increasing airflow.

3. Insulation:

Jackets come in varying degrees of insulation, depending on whether you prefer warmth over added bulkiness or vice versa. Whichever type suits your needs, ensure there’s sufficient insulation featured within your jacket before making any purchases.

4. Hood Versatility:

Hoods provide additional protection against wind but should not obstruct vision while riding down slopes headfirst as it could lead to serious accidents; thus hood versatility is vital factor when buying a jacket- ensure hoods adjust to suit riders height/size and offer its flexibility leaving enough room for helmets without constricting movement during sudden turns whilst skiing

5.Range Of Motion:

Movement restriction can quickly hamper enjoyment out on the mountain: it is imperative after choosing properly fitting jackets also find ones with additional fabric panels located in areas such as elbows the wrists to guarantee unrestricted movement while cruising downhill.

6. Pockets/Storage:

Snowboarding is a sport that requires riders to have their belongings with them at all times, and therefore the importance of snowboard jackets having adequate storage space cannot be overstated. Choose jackets with multiple pockets at differing heights for more effortless access and less fumbling around ensuring your safety.

7. Durability:

Finally, snowboarding is a high-intensity sport that puts a lot of wear and tear on clothing; thus, you need to ensure that your snowboard jacket can stand up to the rigors of regular use. Look for well-constructed jackets made from hard-wearing materials like nylon or polyester, stitched securely enough to withstand harsh climates over extended periods.

By ticking off each one of these essential snowboarding jacket features during the buying process, you are certain to find a quality product that meets all your needs. Remember, spending some extra time researching initial options or talking with fellow rider friends can pay off tenfold, ensuring optimal performance during all future adventures out on the mountain!


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