What Snowboard Does Shaun White Use and Why?

Shaun White is a household name when it comes to snowboarding. He has won numerous gold medals in the Olympic Games and X Games events. If you are a fan of Shaun White or aspire to be like him, you may be wondering what snowboard he uses and why.

Shaun White is known for his association with the Burton brand, one of the most established brands in the snowboarding industry. In fact, he has been using Burton’s Custom X model since 2004. This board is designed specifically for high-performance riding on hard-packed snow and features advanced technologies that help make it stand out from other boards.

The Custom X boasts a traditional camber design that provides great control and response when carving through the slopes. It also has a directional shape that makes it easier to move forward quickly on steeper inclines while maintaining stability at high speeds. The board also utilizes Burton’s Squeezebox technology to create a torsionally stiff center section for maximum pop and control in high-speed carving.

The Custom X also features Burton’s Carbon I-Beam technology; this gives added strength and stiffness without adding weight to the board which in turn means more control than your average board..With its state-of-the-art materials, specifically its two layers of carbon fiber, you can trust this board no matter how fast you’re cruising down those death-defying slopes!

Additionally, Shaun White often adds his own personal touch by customizing his boards with unique graphics that reflect his personality or highlight certain aspects of his career as a snowboarder.

So why does Shaun White use this particular board? According to interviews, one reason is because Burton allows him creative freedom when designing his boards while still giving him access to top-notch performance technology. Another reason is because he feels comfortable with how the Custom X performs under various conditions.

In conclusion, if you want a snowboard that can handle freestyle jumps or big mountain lines at lightning speed, it’s hard to go wrong with the Burton Custom X. As one of the world’s top snowboarders, Shaun White knows what he needs in a board, and the Custom X delivers for him. With its advanced technology and precision design, this board is perfect for anyone looking to up their game on the slopes.

Step-by-Step Guide to Finding Out What Snowboard Shaun White Uses

Are you an avid snowboarder hoping to emulate the legendary Shaun White but don’t know where to start? Look no further because we’ve got you covered. Figuring out what snowboard Shaun White uses can be a daunting task, but this step-by-step guide will take you through the process with ease.

Step 1: Research
It’s essential to do your research before diving headfirst into any purchase. Start by looking up what brands and types of snowboards Shaun White has used in the past. You can check his social media profiles, follow snowboarding blogs or watch interviews about his equipment.

Step 2: Brand Comparison
Once you gather details about different brands used by Shaun, it’s time for a thorough brand comparison. Check each product and compare their features, style design, durability and overall performance.

Some well-known snowboarding brands that Shaun usually collaborates with include Burton Snowboards, Union Bindings, Oakley goggles etc.

Pro Tip: Know your budget as well while researching the cost of each branded product used by Shaun.

Step 3: Identifying Specific features
Dig deeper when comparing products’ model number, lengthwise sizing variations like flexing/torsion technology core construction details etc., as these specific features help identify exactly which board he uses on those thrilling downhill terrains.

Shaun usually prefers longer boards with good edge control for carving and dynamic turns on jumps or half-pipes. These models come loaded with carbon fiber or Kevlar material laminations to enhance durability and more precision fiberglassed construction for traction on varying terrains.

Step 4: Reviews & Forum Discussions
After researching specific models identified in the previous steps read product reviews from other professional riders who have tested these boards before you. These reviews can provide valuable insights into how different boards perform under various conditions.

You can find multiple fan forums discussions online that enlist comparisons between all variations of products that provide useful feedback if someone’s trying to get an exclusive snowboarding experience.

Step 5: Make The Purchase
After you’ve narrowed down your search and gathered all relevant information about Shaun’s preferred model, it’s time to purchase! Head on over to their official website or a trusted retailer and buy the edition you identified as closest to Shaun White’s choice.

In conclusion, we hope this guide makes finding out what snowboard Shaun White uses more manageable for avid fans. By carefully researching brands, products, specific features, reviews/forum discussions online and taking budgetary constraints into account, you’re well on your way to your next exhilarating ride.

FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Shaun White’s Snowboard Gear

Shaun White is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable figures in snowboarding. He has been a dominant force in the sport for years, racking up numerous gold medals and accolades along the way. But what makes Shaun stand out not just in his riding ability but also his unique style and personality is his equipment.

Shaun White’s Snowboard

The first notable piece of gear that Shaun uses is his snowboard. He rides a signature model designed by Burton that features a camber profile which provides stability at high speeds and enhanced precision while carving on groomed runs or launching off jumps.

Shaun White’s Bindings

The binding system used by Shaun is also essential to his success on the slopes, as it connects him directly to the board while allowing for quick movements and adjustments mid-flight. He prefers using Burton bindings because they offer him superior response, control, and support.

Shaun White’s Boots

Of course, no snowboarding setup would be complete without proper boots to support riders’ feet and ankles during even the most intense maneuvers. Shaun relies on Burton boots for their flexibility and comfortability, ensuring he stays comfortable no matter how long he spends shredding down the mountain.

Shaun White’s Outerwear

When it comes to staying warm and dry on a snowy day out on the hill, layers are key. Burton provides all of Shaun’s outerwear needs, from pants to jackets to gloves that provide advanced waterproofness & breathability, give maximum warmth protection against cold temperatures.

Now you may ask why does gear make such a massive difference? It simply offers athletes more reliable control over their movement keeping them safe performing daring tricks like back-to-back double-corks which made Sean clinch X-games record previously held by Travis Rice with 18 medals (his last medal came last year at Aspen).

In conclusion, when taking an individual athlete like Shaun White who has won almost every single contest he’s entered of the sport, He undoubtedly knows a thing or two about what gear it takes to tick right. His consistent performance shows that he has maximized his playing field with proper equipment giving him the necessary confidence and edge in the fast-paced world of snowboarding.

Top 5 Surprising Facts about What Snowboard Shaun White Uses

Shaun White is a name that needs no introduction in the world of snowboarding. As a two-time Olympic gold medalist and multiple X Games winner, he has been dominating the sport for over a decade now. But have you ever wondered what kind of snowboard Shaun White uses to achieve those incredible runs on the slopes? In this blog post, we’re going to take a closer look at five surprising facts about Shaun White’s snowboard.

1) Custom Built Snowboards

Shaun White is known for using custom-built snowboards that are designed specifically to suit his riding style. He works closely with his sponsors to create boards that offer him maximum control and maneuverability on the slopes. These custom boards are crafted from premium materials, ensuring that they last longer and perform better than off-the-shelf models.

2) Length Matters

Shaun White is also known for his preference for longer snowboards when compared to other riders. His preferred length ranges between 156cm-160cm while most other riders would choose something as small as 150 cm or even 145cm which can help them do more tricks on their boards. Shaun’s choice of longer length means that he has more surface area, providing improved stability and better float in deep powder conditions.

3) Flexibility

Flexibility is another key feature that Shaun looks for in his snowboard. He prefers medium-to-stiff flex boards which helps him land bigger jumps with ease while providing enough give to hook rails properly so he can switch up tricks quickly and smoothly without losing control mid-air.

4) Hybrid Style Example:

In recent years, many board manufacturers have started producing hybrid boards which combine both traditional camber design with rocker technology making up extra pop and improving edge hold at high speeds – all essential features important during competitions like Olympics or X-Games where every split second counts since they require an impeccable performance.
One standout aspect of Shaun’s board choice is his decision to use a hybrid board based on the requirements of the course for each competition. He made this switch in 2018 before the Pyeongchang Olympics and it was a smart move as he ended up taking home his third Olympic gold medal.

5) Personal Touch

Finally, Shaun’s snowboard is not complete without his personal touch – his signature on every board! As an athlete that has reached iconic status in his sport, this signing symbolizes both confidence and pride as well as inviting admiration from fans across the world.

In conclusion, these are just a few surprising facts about what snowboard Shaun White uses that help him perform at such impressive levels. His custom-built boards that are designed to maximize flexibility while meeting specific performance criteria helps him stay ahead of the curve; making new records along the way. Let’s continue to watch out for what board he chooses next and be amazed by his continued success!

Comparing Shaun White’s Board with Others on the Market: Pros and Cons

Shaun White is a name that is synonymous with snowboarding. The three-time Olympic gold medallist has made his mark in the world of winter sports, not only for his incredible talent but also for his innovative snowboard designs. Shaun White’s board is one of the most sought-after on the market, and many riders find themselves weighing up the pros and cons when choosing their next ride.

Let’s take a closer look at Shaun White’s board and compare it to some of its competitors to see how it measures up.


1. Shape – Shaun White’s board features a unique shape that makes it ideal for carving and turning through both powder and groomed slopes. The slightly tapered design allows for quick edge-to-edge transitions, making it easier to navigate tight turns.

2. Flex – This board strikes a perfect balance between stiffness and flexibility, giving riders excellent control while still allowing for smooth landings and forgiving rides.

3. Durability – Made with high-quality materials, Shaun White’s board is built to withstand heavy use without suffering any damage or wear-and-tear over time.


1. Price – Unfortunately, this high-end snowboard comes with a hefty price tag that may be out of reach for some riders on a budget.

2. Size Limited- There are limited sizes available in this model which means that finding your perfect fit can prove difficult.

While Shaun White’s iconic board offers some notable benefits, there are other top-of-the-line models worth considering as well:

The Rome Snowboards’ Mod features an “AirPop Core Matrix” which combines two different types of foam to provide incredible stability while also keeping weight low for maximum speed down the mountain. Not only does this make transitions smooth but offers great pop too!

Another popular option is Burton’s Custom X – which offers an unparalleled level of responsiveness thanks to its carbon fiber construction and camber profile that results in exquisite control during high-speed runs or jumps.

There are also some downsides to consider when looking at alternative snowboards:

Rome Mod board is tough and durable, but it may require more maintenance than other boards due to its complex construction design. This might not be suitable for beginner riders who need easy navigation.

The Burton Custom X can be on the stiffer side making it an expert level piece of equipment that could prove challenging for newer riders yet rewarding for experienced ones.

Ultimately, choosing the right snowboard comes down to personal preference and what works best in terms of riding style, experience level, and budget. A perfect balance between control, flex, durability and price should do just fine. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a novice rider, weighing up the pros and cons of each board will help you make an informed choice before hitting the slopes this winter season!

Conclusion: How Knowing About Shaun White’s Snowboarding Setup Can Help Your Riding Skills

Shaun White is a name that has become synonymous with success and excellence in the world of snowboarding. White’s impressive career includes three Olympic gold medals, 13 X Games gold medals, and numerous other accolades. While much of his success can be attributed to his natural talent and hard work, it’s also important to note that the setup of his snowboard plays a major role in his performance. And as an aspiring snowboarder looking to improve your riding skills, understanding Shaun White’s snowboarding setup can be incredibly beneficial.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that every individual snowboarder has unique needs when it comes to their equipment setup. Shaun White is known for using a custom Burton board that has been specifically tailored to meet his skillset and preferences on the slopes. This means that what works for him may not necessarily work best for you, but there are some key takeaways from White’s setup that can apply universally.

One key aspect of any soaring performance on the snow is finding the right balance between stiffness and flexibility in your board. Depending on your preference or style of riding, you may prefer a stiffer board which offers more stability and control at high speeds but limits flexibility mid-air; alternatively if you want a looser feel through turns or sharp cuts you might opt for something softer or hybrid-flex.

White prefers small bindings angles towards 15 degrees in contrast to most riders’ preference of around 20-24 degrees which allows broader control of shoulders during tricks – landing straight or twisting depending on how they adjust their bodies while flipping through air.

Another factor that contributes significantly to one’s skill level when it comes down to technology advancements throughout these years is utilizing responsive boards with sophisticated edge control technology such as S-camber profile giving stability through enhanced traction without compromising its maneuverability benefits providing better grip due its ‘lifted-on-edge’ effect during sharper turns making landings more stable like no other.

Ultimately, understanding how Shaun White’s equipment plays a role in his performance can help you to assess your own riding skills and equipment preferences. Tailoring your gear set-up and even stance towards your style of riding can elevate both comfort and power, which can translate into a better overall experience on the slopes no matter what level you’re at! Getting a proper board setup that’s right for you is definitely an investment in enjoying snowboarding while progressing, like Shaun White himself, and ready to take 2023 season by storm with confidence!


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